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The Andean plateau is a landscape of stunning vistas a place where ancient societies thrived in the shadow of volcanoes, and on the shores of Lake Titicaca from colonial era cobblestone streets to plunging canyons where condors fly from la paz to lima from arequipa to lake titicaca a new adventure awaits you in southern Peru, and Bolivia the city of Arequipa was founded on the th of August by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro nearly all of the colonial era buildings which were built by slave labor are made from a white volcanic stone called see are earning arequipa the name the white city fifteen eighty, and expanded in the th century at its height the santa catalina monastery was practically a city within a city housing over people about a third of them were catholic nuns the rest were servants cloistered together in a community there are twenty has more containers here.

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I enjoy the monastery with all of its architecture, and the gentle limes in the Spanish feel, and that’s just. I enjoy South America for that reason almost no Mo’s the wrong idea fatiah not sure anybody else in your nick see moving hey Dominic I’ll make sure that what they have us an expectation, it’s for Peru, and not from where they are from. So what they make sure is that they have a new memory card in their brain.

I’m just telling her let’s do well her a wife is distracted on their tell movies she has wonderful spirit music Athena still, it’s been a wonderful further exposure to the Peruvian people, and culture customs and We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. So we just arrived to the local market called medicago centralism Camino. This is where the locals come, and buy their daily food, and their daily groceries all the way from hats to me to potatoes, and good juices, it’s a lot of fun garlic fresh is very strong every day they mean it, and they sell one soul is that for the fruits, and the vegetables make me want to move into the market.

Because there’s. So many different kinds of fruit, and vegetables that we don’t have in the US, and we were able to sample some of them, and it was fantastic the the market is sort of a melting pot for Peruvian people culture, and food. I think and I enjoyed that very much throughout the centuries the Andes Mountains of Peru, and Bolivia have hosted some of South America’s most enduring, and influential civilizations Peru.

I also wanted to go to Bolivia. Because have not been to Bolivia before venture through the streets of arequipa, and La Paz discover vibrant indigenous cultures surrounded by the colonial charm of Spanish built cities my father always used to say that he loved Latin America. Because the people were.

So warm and I think that’s. So true from the waters of Lake Titicaca to the plunging depths of colca canyon what discoveries await you in this little-known region of the Andes the Incas considered Copacabana to be sacred located in the southern part of Lake Titicaca Isla del Sol or island of the Sun is home to about families who rely on farming, and fishing. I’ve dreamed of coming Bolivia in my whole life since.

I was a child, and the lake is unbelievable we saw the local people, and their markets we saw them tilling soil the way they plant their flowers, and their crops the Incas believed that the Sun came down to this island, and gave birth to a child manco capac who became the first Inca ruler more than ruins can be found on this island today. I’m sitting here and I’m strolling or you know, it’s one of these things that. I hope.

I can hold the memory for many years it was a math cluster, and it was painted with yellow color. So the distance this temple looked golden. I really didn’t know that much about Bolivia at all.

So it was interesting to hear the history of Bolivia as a country, and of the people known as the world’s highest administrative capital la paz short for nuestra senora de la Paz or Our Lady of Peace sits in the valley of the Andes with the tower illimani mountain in plain sight, and just to see la paz a city. So high, and the way, it’s constructed, and people seem very friendly about miles west of the pies by the ruins of Tiahuanaco Andean scholars recognize this city as the capital of a significant pre-incan civilization flourishing from, to, a journey through the heart of Inca civilization from Lake Titicaca to the colorful markets of La Paz, and honor keep on, it’s a great culture, it’s a wonderful culture. I love the colca canyon.

I really like this Lake Titicaca and I love seeing. How to keep our. I mean this trip combines to me everything that. I like this Andean adventure is waiting for you growing up in Peru was kind of fun.

Because my childhood. I spent it on the countryside. I grew up with him potato peels, and Kino feels.

So within looms. Because my family is weavers my mother my grandmother everyone in my family. I mean the girls weave them.

Because of medication. I was moved to Cusco, and that was one of the big changes in my life because. I had to get familiar with all this new stuff coming out from just speaking Quechua, and learn in Spanish second language when.

I was sort of teenager those kind of the things that changed my way of living the life in cusco city which is way much bigger than the village where. I grew up probably one of the biggest political events. I would say that.

I have seen in my country is the Shining Path they tried to break the country they tried to turn the country into communism socialism style of life than likely now in these days the shining part is no longer an issue is not a longer a problem here in Peru’s totally safe we got rid of it. I like the history of the Incas a lot. So go into the Sun island on the Bolivian side on the Lake Titicaca to me is a kind of an especial tree, and that’s where the Sun supposedly came down gave birth to his child, and his child grew up there, and then there have been mango cup of the first king of the Incan Empire.

So going there is a treat going there, it’s very special to me grunts our conditions one of the reasons why. I love traveling with overseas adventure travel the idea of giving back to the people, and sharing some of their profit with the locals. I mean the kids within the schools, and giving the chance to the locals to interact with our people.

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