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Construction zone number two and ensuing traffic jam at 9:30

Construction zone number three, but it’s now 9:45 and a passing truck kindly sprayed rocks over our car popping the windshield, thank you very much. At least it’s not rainingoh, wait, it is still rainingand getting colderand darker, as the morning progresses.

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Although I’m sure Yellow Stone National Park probably exists – somewhere up the road. (Although this is looking behind us because we were ‘lucky’ enough to be near the front of the line when the ‘Stop’ sign flipped to face us instead of ‘Slow.’)

Making the most of forced ‘reflection time’ to slow up and smell the roses; or at least watch the storm clouds moving through the valleys of eastern Idaho, or maybe southern Montana, or possibly western Wyoming, the rain continues to fall and the clock ticks further into the morning.

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