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Where an individual or organisation makeunrealistic demandon a global scale, they are pure terrorists. For example, if I created an organisation demanding that everybody should stop listening to rock and roll or classical music and should immediately start listening to country music every day, most normal people would say that thiian unrealistic and unreasonable demand.

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If my group then resortto using explosionand gunfire to force people to listen to country music, it must be condemned by all nationatotally illegal. Any nation which then harbouror supportthat group will itself be committing a crime against humanity and should be punished by the international community.

Where Are They?

Ait stands, the fundamental message ithat terrorism iall around us. The last time I looked, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office defined the countrieand areamost at risk from terrorist threatas:

• Middle East and North Africa

• East Africa and the Horn of Af rica

• South Asia.

They might be the areawhere terrorism iat an observable peak, but terrorism ia global problem, not a foreign problem. We have to be alert to the dangerand have to do what we can to suppresit, and to cope with it until there ireal global agreement and co-operation on how to deal with it.

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What Doea Bomb Look Like?

In cartoona bomb ialwaya round black ball with a burning fuse sticking out of the top and the word BOMB’ helpfully printed on the side. But in life it isn’t that easy. With home-made or commercial explosiveanything could be a bomb – or rather, a bomb can be made to look like anything.

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A cigarette packet can hide a small timed incendiary or explosive device. A briefcase can hold enough explosiveto demolish an entire building. A bomb loaded into a small van could destroy a tower block.

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Bombcan be fired like mortaror rocketfrom a distance, delivered in the post, attached to the bottom of a car aa booby trap, parked outside in a van, fixed inside the frame of an innocent-looking bicycle, or carried into a building strapped to somebody’waist. The type and quantity of explosivevary along with the style and look of the device.

The intention isn’t necessarily to kill or destroy. The intention may be to disrupt, because terroristcan cause immense disruption with minimal effort.

With the right explosiveand positioning, something the size of a matchbox could easily kill an adult. Anything bigger than a lunchbox will kill a lot of people and cause a lot of damage. It itherefore impossible to say what to look for when you are looking for a bomb’.

So how do you spot a bomb? The usual advice ito tell someone who knowthe area, shop or station to look for something that iunusual or out of place. For example a rucksack in the restroom that you never saw before, a cardboard box on the floor beside the reception desk, a briefcase where there shouldn’t be one or a strange white van parked close to the back wall of the office.

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Be alert. Keep control of your shop, office or work area. Make it tidy, keep it tidy then familiarise yourself with what ithere. Be strict about clutter and rubbish. Be strict about accesand security too, then when something unusual arriveyou will easily spot it.

Make sure that everyone knowthat if they want to leave a box of blogat reception, or leave their delivery van in your company car park, you have to know before they do it. Then you will know that anything else that doeturn up isuspicious. The more of a target you could be, the more suspiciouyou should be of that box, van or briefcase.

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