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I was tired and hungry – and I Best China travel destinations in november looked out for the log-cabin where I had spent the previous night. From my Best China travel destinations in november seat on its doorsill I could see the summits glowing in the last rays of sun. This is the Tien Shan range. The highest mountain is Bogda Ola (Mountain of God) at about 20,000 feet (6,000m). I couldn’t tell which peak it was, there were several giants nearby and others beyond them. Sunset was at 8 p.

During a conversation, Jeff eagerly shared a recent experience while photographing Reynolds Cemetery. He arrived one morning just after the cemetery opened. Alone in the quiet morning, the only sounds were the soft, lamenting call of mourning doves.

As is Jeff’s custom, he brought an audio recorder during his photographic shoot. While standing near Susan Holcomb’s grave, he asked a few questions. Not hearing anything, he completed his photography session and went home.

Later, when listening to the audio, Jeff was surprised to find something very interesting had been recorded. Bev and I were more than a little intrigued when we heard Jeff’s EVP. It was this important audio clip that began our journey into the Crouch saga.

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