How to Travel in Western Australia

See you later pass all right Hey everybody morning how you guys doing we are about to be spending three hours in this car going down south to a place Camargo River to go glamping at a place called Mile End glamping, and these places look awesome I cannot wait to see it fingers crossed is not raining. Because there are some cloudy gray skies ahead. But we’ll see how we go what are some snacks quite a bit just came out of quite a storm to Stanford okay down settling down a lot of you might not know that the Southwest our Western Australia is actually like a better too rainy climate.

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So it gets quite warm they can get wet every now, and then. So it’s very green down here there’s a lot of vineyards. So I think you’re ready for something very different to what I should. But we showed you before in Western Australia yes this is what we want blue skies yeah this will to see cool green eyes guys we’ve just entered our dorm for the night, and it is sapporo a core are you ready to see this window oh my goodness look how to go stand next to it that window is you mungus this door is huge. So we have our own kitchen here it’s a little bit different to our normal camping situations we have a little seating area, and TV, and here is our bed oh gosh this place is beautiful in the little holes to see the stars at night it is a gigantic dome guys, and we’ve got a view out here of some Australian farmland, and it just started raining just as we arrived Steven oh there’s more oh hi Steve all this accommodation I’ve ever stayed on you can quote me on that that is oh yes Ruth this is so awesome that bathroom as well oh my gosh I did you can see that guys got a bathroom here oh my gosh this is so nice oh Jesus your house we also have a shower in here.

So this is my time to Blandon isn’t it Steve why do we do this more often oh my god toilet there you go oh my gosh this is awesome we’re just waiting at the moment for her to stop raining, and then we’re going post outside to show you guys the dorms. Because they look really cool from outside doing you can see it’s amazing whoa sorry walls it off no, I’ll go to you there’s something else to show you guys outside in a little patio area wait running from the rain we have our own sitting area here our own barbecue, and this is gonna be used tonight or in a hot tub outside hot tub with the views you can see a bit of the dorm from here how sick is this oh my goodness, I’m impressed, and this farmland is cows, and stuff it’s so natural here yes solar panels to like power everything guys you know there’s only one way we can show you this place to its fullest. So unreal guys I love any, I’m sorry dies with this like a little stroll around the area to check it out very cute, I’m digging it I saw some cows can we go see the cows okay no if I say hello to the cows he’s getting. So chilly out there I think it is time to pop the kettle on, and check out what’s in this hand paw this looks exciting I’ve been on that yeah we go before me yeah yes grab that hip-hop heavy is it so much half is alike the best jump on the bed is it comfy oh my gosh it is well this looks. So nice ice is comfy alright let’s get into this hopefully this doesn’t fail Oh pretty cool alrighty got into it Oh especially classic dark Italian style roars oh oh my gosh, and I saw a French press in there that’s what we’re having straight off to this your interests coffee oh hell yes bacon ginger jam oh sure as finally caramel cream, and caramel chocolate that’s fudge is it a logarithm fat I think. So yeah don’t scrub Oh scrub that’s going in the spa this is nice, and water, I’m thirsty, and some information ah thank you this is so cold over there just what the coochie doctor ordered in the robe as well by the way just left in the DVD player we have a disc of season 5 post 4 of Desperate Housewives I always miss those posts I was letting Jess have a little snooze well the rain drips down on our dome.

But my tommy was the grumblin wakey-wakey sleepyhead hey how about we have a little romantic dinner how does that sound yeah dinner sir I made pasta this looks. So good yes thank you appetizer I’d love some appetizer, and hopefully some stars come out over dinner it’s a little bit cloudy oh, and then I want to also go into spa later if it’s raining with such kids this is not us being adults like in our robes having appetizer who should be having this sure as this looks good she has bobs yeah thank you hmm Stephens finally outside doing some or playing with some nighttime photography he’s not really done it before. So he’s having a go, and while he’s doing that. But I think, I’m gonna heat up the hot tub, and go in there I just found these which i think of for the hot tub you they like smell. So good. So, I’m gonna take this little bad boy with me go, and start filling up I just turned the spot on. But I want to quickly go outside, and show you guys how cool the dome looks like at nighttime sorry the spa’s just turning um being filled up behind me.

But look how cool that looks oh my goodness that is sick filling up this bad boy looking good, and this one here is still doing his photography having fun, I’ll say hey this is kind of your like first time trying it out is actually working this time yeah, I’m guessing there’s my stars uh you can’t see some stars really what guys ah. So cold it’s very dark out here I realize the only light is from here I think I need a light bring out a torch. Because, I’m kind of scared of the dark. But anyway here we go all righty guys we off to bed we’re gonna watch a cheeky movie on the iPad we’re thinking Captain America. Because we’re seeing the new one on Sunday. So yeah give this post a thumbs up if you are into glamping, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow we can show you guys around the area tomorrow which would be awesome hopefully it’s not raining better can I catch my seat.

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