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Hey guys today I am here with Riddler the fiddler yeah check out his blog, and we are going to be going to the pyramids, and the Sphinx, and guess what, I’m actually already here no one at the pyramids it’s crazy it’s very empty this is Saturday just nobody except for a lot of guys trying to sell you camera rides my gosh we’re gonna go inside this I hear it I just climbed down these crazy pretty much crawl down, I’m walking alongside the Great Pyramid right now climbing on the pyramid oh my gosh we are about to go inside yeah very excited did you get crowded by the people as well yeah I got harassed by all the children how celebrity in a small town here I I just looked around, and suddenly I was surrounded by the sea of children they’re just little girls are so cute had to switch to my phone. But wow we just typically work out going through all these narrow narrow little tunnels creepy, and now we’re in this empty chamber lots of it echoes it smells pretty weird in here it smells like old hold something I don’t know how to describe it can’t believe that we just came into the pyramid babies tunnels his body was actually inside a series of huge boxes, and then there was the smallest one all the way out yet to try, and prevent grave robbers from being able to access money all right back down the many many stairs they’re actually not even stairs they’re kind of slanted basically like a slide where stairs on it could this just got out of the pyramid oh my gosh that was so difficult but.

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So worth it, I’m tired now we’re off to do more stuff though this is the cat his name is Mickey he was actually the first camel that I rode that was good to me, and did not try to buy it for those of you that don’t know kind of the basics is that the pyramids were built as massive tombs for the Pharaohs or for Queens although their tombs are much smaller something that I feel like people don’t often realize about the pyramids is just how old they actually are they are over 4,000 years old, and kind of to give you a scope of how much time that is Cleopatra was actually born closer to the invention of the iPhone then to the great pyramids. So how we look at Cleopatra as being extremely back in time very old history is how she would have looked at the pyramid now you can see that this is all stone. But originally it was coated in alabaster, and the alabaster was polished. So so incredibly smoothly that it actually acted like a reflective mirror when it had alabaster on it then it was so bright that you would have been able to see it from the moon as a star on earth, and actually still you can see the great pyramids from the moon having a writing session sitting at one of the baby pyramids copy journal right my friend here is writing as well we just had the coolest experience right yep hung out with a couple few security guards yeah that was so amazing we were sitting on one of the tiny little pyramids, and originally the security guards came over they thought we were trying to climb it, and they were like no no don’t go.

But then we said is it okay that we just sit we just want to relax right like yeah, and then they came over we invited them to sit with us, and we ended up having this great conversation just chilling with the security guards on the pyramid. So yeah being a college students we actually had a really good conversation yeah yeah it’s really cool they were asking us about our country, and we were talking to them about their country really awesome learn some new Arabic words it’s like a bucket list thing that you didn’t know was on your bucket list yeah it just happens yeah you don’t expect it yeah, and now we are walking past the little pyramids, and look on the other side you see how there’s nobody here hope you guys enjoyed I am right now sang by to Fred Levin low sigh yeah we’ve had a mazing experience here in Egypt, and Cairo, and around everywhere check out his blog he has a drone yes I was pretty epic footage. But not you’re an agent. Because it’s a language son next on yep I was just I was just saying to him about like this morning Ana who was also in the post that you guys saw she left, and no I was just feeling kind of sad. Because it’s only a few days where you meet somebody, and you like strike up this friendship, and you’re on the road, and I guess you’re you’re having adventures yeah, and you just make these friends, and then they go, and it’s kind of just bittersweet. Because they’re always leaving, and you’ll meet new people all the. But then it’s like well they’re leaving too.

But it’s a part of traveling it’s a they’re replaceable. But the unforgettable. So yeah good way to describe it better than you described it yeah what did you say brutally honest guy you maybe never see them again. But they’re always in the mind yeah alright well hope you enjoyed the post, and see you next time please.

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