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Our quest to show you the world’s best winter wonderlands took us to Finland. Welcome to Finnish Lapland. So, we are here in Rovaniemi. And we are here to meet Santa Claus in his hometown. So, Kristin, is this the place where Santa lives? This is where Santa lives. Let’s visit him. Santa: Oh hello, hello, ho, ho. You came to see which kind of strange place is Lapland!? Welcome and congratulations for reaching the Arctic Circle. After visiting SantaWe’re now in snowman world. And here, we can do crazy stuff. Now the real fun starts, because we’re about to tube down this hill. We’re in an ice igloo right now. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anything like this, but it’s warm and it’s beautiful. Of course, we can’t leave this placeWithout having a drink at the ice bar. Kippis! Next day, next adventure. Today is snowmobiling. Kristin, take care of my life. Yo, we’re here in Kitillä.

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And we’re about to try our hands in ice sculpturing. Janne: My name is Janne. I’ve been working here years as a snow and ice builder. And next, we’re going to make some beautiful art from the ice. You can tell us at the beginning what you’re about to do. I’m going to try to make. a bear? A bear. We’re done now. And I guess Kristin won this game. By far. So, now have a look at my masterpiece, which is a Pac-Man. Awesome, hmm? That’s it from the ice sculpturing class with Janne. Let’s explore the igloo now, because this is all the work he did. Janne: We were people working on it. And well, this year, the winter was late. So we got to begin weeks too late. So, everything is made in weeks. This is how we start each day here. Good morning, guys. Today, we’re about to ski in the Ylläs Ski Resort. With meters, the Ylläsfell near Äkäslompolo is the highest Fell in Finland where you can find skiing lifts. The ski resort itself is the second largest in the Lapland. Through the forest, guys. So, what shouldn’t be missed if you’re in Finland? A Finnish sauna. This is why we have Sirly with us from Aurora Estate.

Sirly: Hello! Who will explain to us how this works. Sirly: First, what you do, you go to hot sauna. It’s warmed up to degrees. You take your clothes off, throw a lot of water in it, and you run outside, jump in the frozen lake and run into the hot tub. Are you ready, Kristin, to jump into the ice hole? I guess so. Cheers from the sauna. It’s time for the ice hole. Oh my God! Oh my [expletive] God! That’s enough of that. Holy [expletive] It’s hot tub time, guys. Good morning, guys. We are on aReindeer safari. This is how you get to work in Finland. You take your reindeer sled. You take your reindeer. Maximum speed! He’s going crazy! We’re getting snow in our face. This is the good stuff. Yes! As you see, it is time forSnowshoeing. It’s beautiful here. We can already hear it in the backHusky time! Husky time. Woohoo! We’re now dogsledding with our champion driver. Kristin, how is dogsledding? A little loud, a little stinky, but it’s also peaceful and kind of nice. And they’re very cute. Really liked it. So, we already tried the Finnish SaunaBut the Sauna Gondola is next level. But first things first. kippis! It’s Gondola time. We’re inside the Gondola now. It’s warm. It’s warm. It’s almost at degrees. As we’re flying above the slopes. It’s icy and degrees outside. This is kind of weird. So now, the relaxation starts. Got a quick shower, and now we’re going to the whirlpool. Yeah. Outside whirlpool. Outside. Then we ended this trip with a tasty dinner, and got to see the Northern Lights on our last night. It was beautiful, Lapland. Looks like we are finished. And if you like this post, make sure to comment to this blog for new travel posts every Thursday. Kiitos! And of course, I need to sample the snow here in Finland. Mmm. More crackly and poppy.

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