How Locals Cool Off in Guatemala

Booya Shaka mean Shaku mean to come in welcome the circle mean Guatemala’s favorite waterpark she’s got a bus from us at day after a very late night hungover today, and there’s nothing better than a waterpark here that hanging over there get mine done big gang. But the mother it’s the biggest water park guatemala, I’m very excited right now.

How Locals Cool Off in Guatemala Photo Gallery

So maybe, I’ll take you around show you some things today. But don’t expect much a little bit of a headache loss ride was a little rough last night was a little rough this is the perfect cure he inside small schools come this who outside the feeling this way stops it’s got to change. But something’s gonna pretty who I’ve been living in the space between my ears betting all the monsters all in small screws communist just like that that is our day, and show for me, and now let’s go grab a bus, and take the three-and-a-half hour journey back to Seoul ah thing they have to change buses like three times not really excited about that. But I can handle anything in five a day at the water park we just got some cheeseburgers now we’re out of here that’s it that’s my day at the water park.

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