Top Things To Do in Cusco Peru

Hello and bienvenido la Cusco. This is one of the most beautiful cities in all of South America, and not only is it the gateway to Machu Picchu but it was once the capital of the ancient Incan Empire and there is a lot of beautiful things to see and do here. The history and cultures of both the Inca and colonial Spanish are both present in Cusco, and part of what make the city so vibrant and fascinating. In Cusco you’ll find extraordinary textiles, archaeological wonders, and lively gatherings. Hola.

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Top Things To Do in Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

Hola, que tal? Mucho gusto. This market is definitely one of my favorite places in all of Cusco, it’s full of color, and it’s just an explosion for the senses. This is Qorinkancha, the sun temple and it was the most important temple for the Incan religion and if you can image, it used to be completely covered in gold.

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This beautiful place behind me is called Sacsayhuaman and it is a temple that was part of the ancient Incan capital. You’re a cute little guy, can you see with all that hair in front of your eyes? A few steps down from the alpaca farm is the actual place where they create the table runners and all the cloths and fabrics, this is absolutely beautiful. This beautiful, brightly colored bustling market town is called Pisac and this is where you come when you wanna find traditional Peruvian handicrafts.

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Check this out, my friends, one of the most recognizable ancient ruins in all of the world, Machu Picchu. The ancient mythical site of Machu Picchu built in the clouds of the Andes Mountains is a bucket list site for almost anyone who travels.

Machu Picchu! One of the distinctive features of the San Blas neighborhood are these really narrow alleyways and they’re just really fun to walk down. And I’m also gonna try some Picchu Sour which is the national drink of Peru, and I’m not just gonna try it, I’m gonna learn how to make it.

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Salud, cheers. Salud. Cusco is without a doubt one of my favorite cities on the planet; the people are friendly, the faces, the smiles, everything. Cusco is not to be missed.

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