Hey peeps Stephen is doing the finishing touches on yesterday’s buggy, and then we’re going out to go get myself some job a job I thought, I’ll take you through the process of what, I’m doing. So I had to apply for working visa when I for I came to Canada, and I’ve got many my passport, and now today what I have to do is go get a social insurance number from some fancy Canada office place, and then I have to go, and apply for a bait I mean I have to go, and apply for a bank account.

HOW TO GET A JOB OVERSEAS Vancouver Canada Photo Gallery

So, I’m going to go to that then I need to go, and find a place to print my resume off, and then I should be able to apply for jobs. So I think today is more about doing the process before getting the jobs, and then tomorrow I can go, and start applying. But um yeah if you’re interested in what you have to do to try to get a job overseas I guess get ready for this post. Because, I’m going to show you what you need to do this specimen over here likes to eat chocolate, and have very brightly colored drinks I am waiting for theta to up though the post, and then we can go get me yeah oh yeah we didn’t mention yesterday cause I was just providing it in yesterday’s post. But we had our first person lend us some music, and his name is Terrance Jackson I put a link in yesterday’s post in the description, and he provided us the awesome true that we edited the see line trip to which I think was edited pretty cool good job STIs if you guys know anyone that wants to feature some music on our posts or you doing music yourself we’ve got a gmail in the description below just shoot us an email send us an mp3 we can link into SoundCloud Facebook MySpace yeah. But thanks to see my face again my space my space. But yeah thanks again for sending that through yeah it was cool beep call me as getting a job first thing you’ll need is a passport, and a visa.

So check that off the list step 2 is to get a social insurance number which takes about two hours just. Because of queues that’s all organized what you needed to do is show your visa now we’re on to step three which is getting a bank account let’s go find a bank step four while waiting for your bank meeting go grab a coffee thank be organized, and now we’re up to step five which is to go, and find a place to print off resumes let’s do this. But it’s got in getting. So late. Because it’s taken. So long that I think the step sticks would have been haired out resumes which will be happening tomorrow. So stay tuned for all this exciting exciting stuff I might be working there you never know officially a member of Vancouver we got the library that it’s actually quite nice in here yeah I think, I’m what we’re going to do is when we want to work instead of I think we want to start breaking our home away from work.

So we’re going to like start bringing our work to the library. Because it’s a little quiet area in the got free internet, I’m going to start doing our work at the library, and then home is for chill. So I think it’s good idea alrighty guys being our home I just cooked us a Indian feast and, I’m going to go, and do some tweaks on my resume while Stephen does some editing oh look at that laid out it baby enjoy Oh naan bread, and all na bread did it it didn’t you guys I feel like I’ve been smoking too much today I think it’s kind of been the gesture while she’s been looking for a job now if any of you guys are wondering what, I’m not looking for a job I have said it before. But I do have a job at the moment. So that’s why, I’m not looking for a job. But yeah today was kind of kind of good. But felt like we ticked off.

So many things I guarantee at the number going to the library go into the bank, and just took up your day that you felt we felt accomplished. But at the moment I am putting together Jess’s post yeah her second post, and we did plan for it to go yesterday. But there were some tweaks that we wanted to do. So we’re just into final touches on it, and fully it’s definitely going to go live today which is Wednesday to me it’ll be live when they’re working this will definitely be live when you’re reading us. So, I’ll put a little reminder for you my mistake that’s okay food well it’s really good, I’m Annette you didn’t. So long what is it like korma a vegetable korma with some garlic naan okay I can’t a couple of eats like our first meals a day that is then we just have some brownies. But more I can eat hello everyone we just finished reading the show, and just as fallen asleep.

So she does mean goodbye. But in her dreams. So yeah this weekend really exciting couldn’t wait till Friday to share it with you. But we’re actually heading up to Whistler for a few days which should be excited, and beautiful. So definitely gonna get some good footage we’re assuming we don’t have internet. So on Monday we’re going to do a double post which will be Saturday Sunday, and then Tuesday will be another double post which will be Monday the truce event or something Sam’s got some exciting activities planned which that, I’ll keep a secret we’re both excited. Because when you were in Australia you say you’re going to Vancouver or you’re going to Canada the first thing someone will say is are you going to Whistler are you going to go skiing.

So we’re really excited to go to Whistler. So we can check that off, and it’s also good to see some snow again. Because we got. So excited the last time we saw snow, and Mount Rainier in Seattle does, I’ll just check you guys in on that also we’ve been reading like some Netflix shows like Bob’s Burgers. So we’re just wondering like what top shows to you guys watch is there anything you recommend probably looking more for like a comedy 20-minute easy to watch. Because we find that we’re going a better like midnight or 1:00 a.m.

in the morning it’s just too hard like we still need to finish reading Breaking Bad pre-shot Game of Thrones comes out next week I’d love to start Mad Men at some point. So it’s just too many dramas out there, and a pretty short dresses brother recommended orange is the new black. So no dramas just some comedy sharing some nice easy ones to watch though I love to hear your little recommendations below, and we might watch them on Netflix if they’re on there or otherwise thanks for reading guys hopefully it was entertaining reading two Australians trying to get a job like all the little process that we had to go through it was a few hours. But we got out outside which was nice yeah thanks for reading guys, and we shall see you to work bye.

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