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Tokyo the capital of Japan Tokyo Japan traditionally known as the eastern capital of the Land of the Rising Sun the city has blossomed into the world’s largest metropolis with a little extra time here what adventures might await you perhaps a leisurely visit to the stunning Kyousuke garden or a brisk stroll through the bustling Tsukiji market or even a quick bite of sushi before hopping on the world-class Tokyo Metro since the Metro has served the city with an efficiency that is unsurpassed with a daily ridership of almost nine million residents it is truly the lifeline of Tokyo stretching almost miles, and stations a three minute walk from the Metro lies the key assume a garden here you are transported back to the traditional abstract landscaping of feudal Japan, it’s like a picture postcard where it is well what.

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I’m really interested in is seeing the the wholesale fish sales. I sorry a PBS special on it civil gear is going to absolutely fascinated me so I look bro to sing it for real located in the heart of the city the famous Tsukiji market is the largest seafood market in the world handling over different types of seafood from across the world you are likely to encounter sukashi fare at your next meal despite the international presence of Japanese cuisine nothing beats enjoying sushi in its home world.

I’ve experienced sushi which. I’ve had in New York quite a few times so I want to try them try it on this side of the ocean experience both the ultra-modern excitement, and the historical intrigue of this truly global city the opportunities are endless you.

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