Must-Do List in San Francisco

Traveling to a foreign city can be daunting. From adapting to their culture, to learning local customs and making new friends– it’s enough to make any tourist nervous. But if there’s one city than can make you feel right at home, it’s San Francisco.

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Located at the northern tip of California and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is the ideal getaway for anyone looking to make a fresh start. The city’s year-long foggy weather gives it a sense of calm and mystery, making it even more appealing to the perpetually curious and adventurous. So let San Francisco sweep you off your feet and start making new memories with our list of things to-do in the city where everything is new:

The Golden Gate Bridge

A great many songs were written about the Golden Gate Bridge and even after so many years since it was built, it still captures the imagination of many travellers. Revel in the beauty of this iconic landmark and be inspired by its amazing architectural design – truly a must-visit for anyone traveling to the foggy city.

Alcatraz Island

Anyone who’s ever seen the classic film, The Rock, would be familiar with the once notorious Alcatraz Island. Formerly a maximum security prison, the island is the stuff of myth and legends as it once contained some of the world’s most dangerous criminals such as Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. Brave tourists are sure to enjoy the island’s night tour where former prison guards narrate the harrowing stories behind the stone walls and the tragic misfortunes of the few who attempt to escape.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Those longing for a taste of the sea and history can definitely satisfy their cravings at Fisherman’s Wharf. Home to the city’s harbor and a favorite among locals and tourists, it’s considered one of San Francisco’s busiest areas where everyone and anyone can find something to the tickle their fancy. Whether it’s watching sea lions lounge by the K-dock, revisiting the past at the vintage arcade Musée Mécanique or simply indulging in a decadent chocolate dessert inside Ghirardelli square – Fisherman’s Wharf has it all.

City Lights Bookstore

A haven for bookworms and lovers of literature, the City Lights Bookstore has been inspiring writers and free thinkers for over 60 years. The first publishing house to print Howl & Other Poems by the famous and celebrated beat poet, Allen Ginsberg, it is still widely considered the go-to place for artists looking for inspiration. The place draws its charms from some of its famous visitor including poets Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady whose passion for words are forever encased in the book store’s wooden walls.

Church of 8 Wheels

And finally, those who want to have a rolling good time (pun intended) can find it in San Francisco’s famous skating rink, Church of 8 Wheels. An ideal place for dates, regulars have fun dressing up in costumes while newbies can order a milkshake and enjoy a day of skating under its mesmerizing disco ball. Travel back in time in the place that’s sure to give you and your guests a groovy, good time.

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