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Hey guys from food in Bali in Indonesia today, I’m going to be giving you a tour of my house here in Bali, and also talking about the cost of living in a boot, and I hope that it helps that is our house here in Bali it’s in this courtyard that’s really beautiful there is a temple right there it’s kind of part of our yard slash courtyard.

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So this is our house here I love these chairs something that I love about this house is the balcony is so huge I’ve had apartments smaller than this balcony that’s Olivia he comes with the house it’s a good deal I love the door to the house very traditional if you look closer very intricate details on the door going in the door this is the main room very spacious, and nice lots of natural light funny the bed is made nicely as it is every morning yeah that’s true this is the view from the other side of the room there’s the bed, and then we have another bed which we don’t really use except to store our various pillow collection yes for some reason the fridge is like on the complete other side of the house from the kitchen. But well. So we have a pretty nice-sized little fridge here this is where we keep our some of our cameras, and our watermelon gosh Liv yo what did you do that yeah. But they don’t he does this to me. So many times now that we’ve gotten that out of the way from Olivia this store by the other bed is a sliding door, and you can go out here, and you’re kind of another garden those coconuts sometimes the people that rent us how they cut down the light give us fresh coconuts there’s all these lilies here really pretty over here is the bathroom hello this is the actual bathroom pretty simple this is the kitchen spacious a lot of counter space now if you go out this door this is kind of another entrance to our house goes to another garden, and that walkway goes to card in the porch. So yeah that’s the kitchen bathroom, and the main room, and the porch, and that’s my house here in Bali.

So guys that was the tour of my house here in Bali, and now, I’m going to talk about the cost of living here, and my expenses every month just let you know, I’m now going to do a post that’s kind of saying oh this is about the cost of this or apartments here are normally this much now, I’m going to tell you exactly what I actually for real pay your cost of living isn’t going to be exactly mine of course. But I feel like this can give you a good idea of how expensive or cheap it is to live in Bali all of these prices are going to be about Bali yes. But specifically about the food shouldn’t be too much of a difference. But just to keep in mind first of all one of the biggest expenses of living somewhere is going to be the rent this house that, I’m living in now is 5 million rupiah a month, and that is equal to three hundred, and seventy four dollars I do live with Livio. So we split the housing cost in half obviously that brings it down to a hundred, and eighty seven dollars per person per month a hundred, and eighty seven dollars a month is my cost of rent. So the last month that we were in Bali we lived in a different place that was a lot cheaper it was three point five million that equals a hundred, and thirty two dollars a month per person the place that we had before was really nice beautiful however it was smaller, and it did not have a kitchen paying three point five versus five million rupiah sounds like a big difference. But in u.

s. dollars it’s just a little over fifty dollars before paying $50 more we really thought that it was worth it this month to get an actual house here in Bali a lot of places don’t have a kitchen. So that was something that we’re willing to pay more for. So again the rent is a hundred, and eighty seven dollars per month included in the price of rent we get a lot of amenities we get high-speed Wi-Fi TV electricity trash, and even cleaning service we even get free coffee, and tea every day as part of the rent, and when I was telling you guys about the apartment that we had last month back in Bali for even cheaper for one hundred, and thirty two dollars a month all of the amenities that I just listed were also included in that place, and additionally that place also gave us free breakfast twice a week included in the price of our rent probably the second biggest cost of living food eating out here is super super cheap. But going to the grocery store of course is even cheaper for groceries I’d say that we spend about four hundred thousand rupiah a week that is equal to 30 US dollars a week which is equal to ninety dollars a month or forty five dollars per person. So forty five dollars per person per month for groceries, and then also eating out an average meal when you’re getting you know big entree, and a drink is going to be around two to four dollars it’s just really cheap even if you’re getting the most expensive thing on the menu you’re spending maybe four or five dollars for a whole meal. So if the average meal out is forty thousand rupiah that’s about three dollars, and I think that we eat out about five times a week.

So that is 15 dollars a week which equals forty five dollars a month that’s our one percent eating out five times a week another important cost of living here is transportation, and I found that the best way to get around Bali is to rent a scooter, and drive yourself Livio does all the driving he’s an experienced scooter rider I would not even attempt to learn here. Because it’s just a little crazy, and there aren’t many rules there’s no speed limits it can be dangerous if you’re thinking of getting a scooter in Bali please be careful our scooter costs fifty dollars a month. So that’s $25 per person once it’s split between us the cost of gas I feel like really shouldn’t even be entered into the cost of living here. Because it’s so cheap about two or three dollars worth of gas we’ll get a slide for about a week it’s like a dollar a week per person we drive around a lot we go on adventures we go see stuff out of town we drive all around town it’s maybe five dollars maximum per person a month on gas. So it’s pretty much just like once you have the scooter it’s unlimited freedom of movement. Because gas is so cheap something for me here that I like to treat myself with is coffee to get a latte or cappuccino nice espresso is about thirty thousand rupiah, and I go about four times a week which equals about twenty-seven dollars per month, I’m entering it into the expenses.

Because I feel like everybody is going to want to do something like this you know maybe you want to go, and shop a little bit maybe you want to have a beer out sometimes which by the way beer here super cheap I don’t drink it. But maybe you do. So yeah I think everybody is going to have a little expense like this just something that they like to go, and do for themselves a certain number of times a month, and that’s what this expense is for me even though that’s kind of all of the expenses that I can think of I just want to make a separate category for other maybe you want to go, and see some attractions go to some parks a lot of them especially if you already have a bike to get there are going to be free. But you know who knows that for us would be maybe a hundred thousand rupiah per month that’s equal to seven dollars, and fifty cents that was the post that was the tour of my house here in Bali, and me talking about how much I spend every man hopes that you enjoy it, and that you found something really useful maybe even just kind of courage to come to Bali. Because you see how cheap, and awesome it is never really say this at the end of posts. Because I don’t want to be like, I’ll just go follow me everywhere. But I do post photos on Instagram that I think are pretty good, and I say stuff on Twitter, and I actually had a thing where I let you guys vote on where I should go next out of three options, and the winner was Australia.

So that’s where, I’m going next. So if you want to get in on anything like that then you can go follow me on twitter follow me on instagram, and facebook too. But i’ve said enough about my social medias you can find all those links down in the description thank you guys so much for reading all right.

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