First Time in Thailand

Hey guys today we are leaving Bali, and we are off to Thailand livno has left the packing up until whenever leaving Louisville in four minutes we kind of went out last night, and stayed out you’re like 4 in the morning maybe not us get decision on Livia’s part right before we leave he’s so funny right now he’s so funny we need time money to get a visa for elidio to enter the country. So we don’t have time unnie. So we went looking for the ATM obviously they don’t have an ATM until you actually get through immigration which really doesn’t make sense at all.

First Time in Thailand Photo Gallery

So they were like oh you can exchange US dollars. But we don’t have these dollars. Because we came from Indonesia be shuttled away or else, I’m waiting for him I have immigration, and I don’t know reading her head no my took way too much time to get out of the airport all sorts of complications was getting into the country, and at some point we were wondering like we’re even going to get in thinking like okay well where else could we go in a few looking at a mountain avenue I you I got into cruby waiting for our boat to KO lanta leaves in like an hour. So we’re just walking on the beach oh please don’t Livio is photobombing me. So often today this place is so insanely beautiful at sunset it’s so hard to get to our hotel we were driving around we were driving around trying to find our hotel for two hours in the heat I don’t even know if I’ve said where we are I feel like my postging is so off.

Because we’ve just had such a crazy time actually getting here to pilot we are on koh lanta in a large island I there is a party going on it’s right on the beach I think we’re going to go, and see what it’s all down we’re supposed to be going maybe a busy working mom phase where you can get to it that’s my job should go soon Hey Hey guys again last night was pretty fun. But we are just going to go out, and do a lot of exploring we got a scooter Allen you talk at a little place along the road, and heavenly look this is the gas station. So you take the gas, and then you put it in the bike just riding the scooter, and we came across we just likes down this awesome dirt trail right over there cows invading restaurants, and right over this way is an awesome beach, and the Sun is setting hope you guys like the post, and I have more in : to Thailand coming up, and then I am going back to Bali thanks for reading.

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