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Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago sitting quietly on the coast of Tanzania these islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world the warm water of the Indian Ocean laps at soft coral sands further inland beaches give way to rainforests teem with life the red colobus monkey exists only on the main island of Zanzibar, and here a growing conservation movement strives to protect this, and many other amazing species.

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I have been working in jozani forest since in. I meet many people from all over the world so. I’m learning from them.

I get a many friends you know and I like it my favorite to do in jozani forest is a tropical rainforest because. I am a medicine man. So when.

I take a tourist in the forest then. I would be happy to explain traditional medicine cuz. I am a traditional healer the Bark’s good for toothache, and gum disease you just pick them for them, and then you do in hide like this then you gargle twice a day for two days everything becoming okay a design, it’s a -over unique center of flora, and fauna if you don’t protect you what life, and natural resources we have.

I think many people will miss to see animals which is unique our forest is very important for our countries nowadays working with the local community to make sure natural resources are surviving local people they are getting something. I’m a small proceeded from the jozani track of a national park that’s why they are happy, and we work together protected you Sahni as we are doing now hopefully we will get in many visitors, and jozani, it’s going to be very famous in the world at low tide little sticks form neat rows in the warm shallow sea water the salty crop that is cultivated here called Milani is a type of seaweed, and helps to sustain this island community nominate Renaldo me aqua you tank unless a juice Zamani columbaria Manny Saban is Imani Singh go a nice crab ooh la Manny villa villa Pia true Nakata no tancana’s a comic a key village’ novenky Naevia Kito Gilligan if an indefinitely one money wasn’t Lacroix’s in Acacio yacht laQuan upon import oh why or Limina sanguinis a da one cycle it Wamba go – Ameen Cosima borin Cacho quién pegó Lamia rimu hope, and amo Allen T cementec wale Waianae Kazakh Fonda won in Cos Cob a gazillion coton de male vada homo Natron kana Pumbaa humanness una Martinez de Missouri voy a la me Aldo KN Delia Cal Delia Poupon De La Mina Kiwanuka one Occupato Baraka Fugazi society keep our ok might want to come back you scurvy judas an autocannon ahora llaman na GE we are talking Jelena focused on what’s above o karma Haku namami Maharaja make it una caja to see now I’ll a wallet a dilemma my Italian Amanda Howell it was a bamboo money. How Patti. How not suppose to. I’m anonymous Okinawa Americana Pacific poem is Lincoln was a bamboo sissy Luna mama happy panda money – how’s Imani do not wat haline equality in a coherent nineveh kasi cinema too many mokuba asakusa bad.

I was a baboon let me hop, and Rona fauna Saskia money luckily nahi see ela sickos de ken de miel a Nike Pato Django came acidity puah not a Takako quacky Padre no mama Cheng en takua now iike a Asakusa belly no naka Makita nice idea maybe now is a stone town is a city of historical in artistic importance in East Africa it served as a trade center in the th century Stonetown lies along the western coast of the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago the town’s narrow alleyways evoke bygone days, and the linkages among Swahili culture India the Middle East Indonesia, and China all connected by the Indian Ocean immerse yourself in the culture, and beauty of this island paradise.

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