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Baden-baden is a spa town nestled in the foothills of the Black Forest the natural Springs here were known to the Romans Emperor’s traveled here to ease their aches, and pains beneath the pillars, and frescoes of the trinkle pumphouse stands a fountain this water from deep de Earth is said to have curative powers they say that if you drink the water it will make you years younger but. I don’t know if.

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I believe that or not what else could live beneath the ground. So if you are building a house, and you start digging, and you find something that is roaming in that Roman in your backyard yeah fish aliy the law says, and it belongs to the stage we have great program directors you had tonight you’re very well very well trained early good a lot of information, and it’s just just the pleasure they say yeah you ask the question you get an answer eager shoppers crowd the stalls of the Christmas market their first order of business is a warm drink on a crisp morning every sitting you go through their gingerbread your glue why’d you have all these beautiful culture as well but this really feels like a Christmas, and the locals are wonderful, and they love the tourist idea they could feel at home the first of all what’s your ready grab the good wine even look for it when I get back in the States yes the local hostess welcomes travelers to a home hosted coffee clutch translated to coffee gossip The Gathering offers a glimpse into daily life but no yes and I enjoy to doing hosting because, it’s a great great family all groups are coming in my house.

I was. I feeling. I know these people for a long time ago, it’s all.

So friendly. So open, and it’s real family here you can private in my house and So you are my family now yeah for two hours or maybe look more little bit it just makes the trip more special when you can get to meet the local people, and you get to speak to them, and get to know their customs, and the way of life in foreign country and So it brings it more into reality rather than just looking at buildings, and visiting the important sites take it no no not fast food no are you in anyone the gathered around drink it break it yes yes voila ger Linda has been our hostess she’s been very gracious, and served us delicious pastries, and desserts good night all up yeah then. I add the cake yeah okay well she’s teaching me. How to make the snowflake cookies, and it’s all in German.

So we’re having to improvise four weeks ago there was a family only a family fun Alaska ah. I was looking for Alaska and I see, it’s not here. I did not know it we’re really a whole lot alike even though we’re from different parts of the world table does bring you together here.

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