This is the roadtrip snack of Champions peanut butter, and some biscuits some digestive biscuits just like a little cookies put those two together, and you good four hours all right let’s get out here this past November I had some spare time after a conference in London. So I flew over to Dublin to experience Ireland for the first time I wanted to explore as much of the country as possible. But I only had five days to do it. So I met up with a local friend to map out how I could maximize the experience, and this is what we came up with was a rental car check yeah for Ireland check I rented a car in Dublin, and asked the employees how to get to Belfast obviously the wheel, and shifter were opposite from what, I’m used to. So it took a little time as I maneuvered through the city one side of Dublin the highway was easy, and I found myself in Belfast, and Lesley chew out, and they yeah definitely welcome to Belfast I think we’re here I cruised around exploring the city a little bit, and they got some good night shots of City Hall being a rainy week night the city seemed to shut down pretty early. So after a tea break I found a hotel downtown made it the next morning.


I had french toast, and Irish cafe hit morning traffic, and then got out of Belfast as quick as possible glad to be out of city traffic m2 taking us north as a big Game of Thrones fan my first stop of the day was pretty exciting made it to the dark hedges otherwise known on the show as the Kings Road from there was up through the Irish countryside to check out the Getty carried rope bridge hey doing good thanks party Street all right this was my first view of the Irish coast line, and it was beautiful the bridge on the other hand was pretty sketchy from there I grab the sandwich at the gift shop, and then try to beat the crowd of tourists over to Giant’s Causeway yes you’re stopping that’s good news see a Chinese tourists once the Giant’s Causeway I was getting an audio guide, and walked down the path to the main attraction this crazy close line of symmetric rock formations is something you’ve got to see to believe the Sun stayed out just in time to make another quick stop at the done last castle just down the road from Giant’s Causeway, and I climbed through a fence, and down a path to get a better view I was supposed to start heading inland after that.

But I got sidetracked when spotted a large white sand beach off the road surfers doubted the water, and I thought this place would be absolutely incredible in the summer time then I saw what was probably the most amazing rainbow of my life as the Sun set I made the long trip down to slide off beautiful little town very quiet it’s evening really nice lots of lights decorated everywhere actual restaurant the river running through the main part of town really nice after a good dinner I called it a night at a hotel just outside the city made it day three started with a swim at the hotel pool, and a traditional Irish Breakfast turns out I was staying right next to the beach in Sligo Yacht Club unfortunately it wasn’t the season for either of those. So I moved on down the wild Atlantic way towards Galway through the dark overcast skies I made it to Galway where I explored the city, and then grabbed lunch at the charcoal grill at lunch a local guide told me where to get the best views in the city. So I climbed up a hill, and watch the clouds roll through up there I spotted a few good pubs, and came back downtown check them out then I had a late night stack, and found a hostel the next morning I took in all the seaside sites, and then got back on the road I drove down the beautiful wild Atlantic way through the Irish countryside past old castles, and straight to the Cliffs of Moher the ridiculously dramatic cosine looks like something straight out of a fairy tale I left the Cliffs of Moher, and then stopped for lunch a little pub in the middle of nowhere it was here that I had the best bangers, and mash of my life with the satisfied stomach I drove down in the dark to the dingle peninsula where I set up camp for the night I woke up on day five to the coolest little fishing village known as Dingle I walked around town, and had some delicious fish, and chips before getting back in the car to explore the coastline viously head drive despite the weather the scenery was everything I imagined Ireland to be I came back to town just in time for a good roast at a pub, and a quiet whisky before the chaos well I sat there drinking my Irish whiskey, and peace, and walked a hen party, and then a bachelor party, and before I knew it the pub was packed cops are here I got to talking with the bachelor, and he invited me to join the boys for the rest of your subjects after a few stops we ended up in a place that was hardware store by day, and pub by knife just like that, I’m back in Dublin, I’m exhausted. But, I’m very happy got to see so much of the country it’s really an amazing place and, I’m very happy that I return my rental car in one piece, and it turned out to be perfect Ireland well done a lot of signs we think it’s very well marked. But when you don’t know what you want doesn’t matter sure you’re on the right side of the road the hell am I.

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