Machu Picchu Peru Trip

The Train loved the train coming up here the narrow gauge track of this rail line allows the train to make the sharp corners of the steep canyon along a Huron bamba River its destination Machu Picchu.

I’m finally here. I’ve been waiting a lifetime to get here perched at, feet on a narrow Ridge in the high Peruvian Andes this lost city of the Incas was constructed without the benefits of either the wheel or iron tools the granite stone was cut. So precisely that no mortar was needed to hold the walls in place he sang grazed on through the gate, and they go inside of the temple of the Sun through the window you see but only left this time the design of the temple of the Sun allowed the Incas to track the sun’s position to identify the winter solstice, and to schedule the harvest for their empire little by little stabilized thing the real benefit is we stay overnight in aguas calientes you get a taste, and an experience of the overall layout of the place, and then we can go back, and see more of Machu Picchu on the following day a monk Oh decided to send the chosen women to machu picchu machu picchu was taken as a refuge of he chosen women.

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This is my first trip then. I wanted to see Machu Picchu in the Colombia’s. We’ve been traveling with Grand Circle, and MIT for a long time, and we have fabulous trips with them.

So why go with anyone else climbing these steps making your own ascent to the world-famous lost city what will you experience it was very much interested in seeing the Inca ruins saw plenty of those, and it was a rather mystical experience the site has baffled historians, and archeologists for years with little trace of what happened to those who built it, it’s amazing. How vast it is, and How advanced they were, and it’s wonderful that, it’s now being preserved again, it’s nice to see the country working to restore a lot of things that have been lost, and probably there’s way more to still be found that nobody even knows about yet theories abound among all who visit but the details of the remote mountain city’s heritage, and day-to-day rhythms remain a mystery. I was born in Bamba. I came from a very large family.

I am the number out of brothers, and sisters so I came to the city of Cuzco to study the University of Cusco originally. I was studying anthropology but when.

I heard the tour guide in a shopping area. I admire him so I decided to change my profession of course much bitch is the highlight the architecture are the relocation as well all the surrounding mountains give the beauty to that city but what is really great is to work in Pisa to work in p-side to see the analyst for the first time, and at the end saqsaywaman to see one day in the life of these people to understand the way. How the people are living nowadays that’s what they really take with them also we use this water to watch our food here we have the differences.

This is ship, and to go inside of the farming areas to togetic people or when people are plowing the land with with the Bulls there, and that’s you. I think that’s unique. So come to the roof you will see my country, and you will really be happy to be here, and you will be for sure the best ambassadors of my country on the way back to your community.

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