Trip to Mongolia With Tour Guide Amaraa Yura

Hey My name is Alma boy, and a certain name is Amara or which all travelers. I prefer to call me and I’m years old and I was the first trip leaders that work for OEt in Mongolia. I was born in eastern part of Mongolia two brothers, and two sisters, and then my parents moved to Ulaanbaatar which is the capital city of Mongolia, and ever since.

Trip to Mongolia With Tour Guide Amaraa Yura Photo Gallery

I’ve been living in bolometer city the Mikoyan gluing up here an employer. I have a lot of relatives who lives out in the countryside raising livestock cows horses camels goats, and sheep. So when.

I was a little kid during the high school summer break. I would go, and stay with them for several weeks, and they also helped me to introduce the travellers to a nomadic lifestyle they move at least four or five times a year so. This is where they stayed during the summer this numeric lifestyle.

I’ve been, and changing nowadays into modern society to boost the lake at the lake area is a beautiful scenery, and give water is really nice and So, it’s really great for travelers to be able to enjoy themselves, and interact with the local beautiful boy. I really really enjoy guiding, and showing my beautiful country to foreigners and This is really what I’d like to. I do.

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