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The only time I saw him animated was suddenly one day Taiyuan Map when he jammed on the truck’s brakes and, leaving the engine running, he went racing Taiyuan Mapaway across the turf. A rabbit dashed ahead of him, Taiyuan Map dodging in bounds among the tussocks, and Wang followed in hot pursuit. The rabbit vanished Taiyuan Map into a large tussocky mound and although Wang searched it inch by inch he could find nothing. Two Tibetans turned up and helped him. They all looked slightly silly bending over with their rumps in the air, searching minutely for a rabbit. Needless to say they didn’t find it, and Wang returned, taciturn as ever.

The practice of driving or being a passenger in particular cars, travelling to and from particular places, along particular stretches of motorway, provokes a range of emotions, thoughts and sensations: from feelings of anxiety or excitement about being in motorway traffic, to emotions surrounding one’s departure and arrival at another place.

His less cynical examination of the car and the experience, practice and performance of driving, located within the diverse scapes associated with car travel’ (Merriman 2006: 75), resonate with journeying by car along the EastLink Tollway.

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