Mt. Tarawera Helicopter Tour with Volcano Landing

New Zealand’s city of Rotorua is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, and that means volcanoes. Now the best way to see volcanoes is by air.

All right, let’s do this! All right, so departing out of the Rotorua lake front. Fly out over Lake Rotorua, crossing the coast heading out towards Tarawera as well.

Mt. Tarawera Helicopter Tour with Volcano Landing Photo Gallery

Tarawera is the site of the largest volcanic eruption in New Zealand’s living memory, and it’s a pretty spectacular site, as you can see here behind me. All right, we’ve just arrived at Mt. Tarawera, which is a dormant volcano. The scenery from up here is spectacular, and the only way to get up here is via helicopter. So we’re on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which means we’re actually on a fault line. This being the dormant volcano, but off in the distance, I can see an active one right over there. I can see White Island, another active volcano, and then just over here, there’s one in the distance there. It’s surreal. There’s not many geothermal areas like this in the world. It really is quite a unique experience.

It was an amazing trip, now it’s time to head back on the helicopter and head back on to Rotorua. That helicopter trip was insane. To land on a dormant volcano and explore, and then make my way back here over those beautiful lakes. It was a bucket list item checked off.

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