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It transpired that when sent by camel and packed in hessian Xuzhou Travel bags, the tea absorbed some of the camel sweat which contributed to its distinctive flavour.

Xuzhou TravelBy the Russians, the camel-free flavour was found inferior Xuzhou Travel . So later consignments were packed with camel-hairs in the wrapping. Tea was press Xuzhou Travel -packed into bricks for convenience; I remembered finding one with an ornate design in the attic at home, which my mother had brought back in her school trunk.

THE STONE FOREST AT SHILIN The mountain scenery along this route is justly famous, but sequences of short tunnels leave the eyes confused, flickering between daylight and darkness, while in the longer tunnels sooty smoke pours in through the open windows. When you are on a train you often wish you could be leaping off at some tempting spot.

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