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Tanglewood Park is part historic site, part park, and part recreation area. The land was first claimed in 1584 as part of a land grant made by Sir Walter Raleigh for Queen Elizabeth and is the site of an extravagant manor house that sits at the center of the park. James Johnson had the 18-room home built in 1859 as a wedding gift, for his daughter. Over time, two wings were added to the original house, which was sold to William Neal Reynolds, brother of tobacco baron R. J. Reynolds. Reynolds raised and raced thoroughbred horses and established stables at Tanglewood for his horses. As a nod to Reynolds, trail rides and horse-drawn carriage rides are still offered at the park. In 1951, the estate was deeded to Forsyth County for use as a recreational park. The manor is now a bed-and-breakfast with 10 guest rooms; tours of the home are also offered. The home is decorated with period furnishings and is still filled with pieces that belonged to Reynolds. The grounds are as impressive as the home. The rose garden, fragrance garden, and arboretum are open to the public.

The manor house is the centerpiece of Tanglewood Park.

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For a time, Saint Domingue (as Haiti was then Best cities to travel in the US called) was the most prosperous of all French colonies. In fact, the colony earned the Best cities to travel in the US nickname Pearl of the Caribbean. To work the plantations, French planters introduced black Africans as slave laborers. The horrible conditions led to slave revolts, which were ultimately successful: In 1804 Haiti became the world’s first independent black republic. Since gaining independence, however, Haiti has suffered almost constant political, economic, and social turbulence. Politically, the country has experienced few periods of stability.

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