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Columbia is one of the poorest stops on our recommended World Sex Tour. Average monthly income here is $500, which includes doctors. For vacation prices, you can’t beat it. Meals from $3, gourmet is $10. Hotels for $30, 3 bedroom apartments for $60 with balconies. As a whole, Cali is not renowned for pay for play. However, for sexy part time girlfriends and ease of meeting young ones and getting dates, it may be one of the best. There’s not a hell of a lot to do here, since you have to be careful of the potential drug lord situation. Best plan is to spend several days here, then visit Cartagena (see our chapter on it). Cartagena is a beach town and has more sport activity possibilities. Cartagena is more pay for play, Cali is more for girlfriends. If you want to marry and bring one back, this is the best city in the world. They’re very open to dating, and definitely not sharks.

Avenida Sexta is the center for restaurants, shopping, clubs and discoteca in Cali. Here you’ll find some of the sweetest and sexiest girls in the world, similar to Brazil. It is very easy to get dates with most girls, but they have a lot of pride, so treat them with respect. Screw over one and the word will spread real fast.

The two main malls in town are ChipeChapi and Uni Centro. Girls love to shop and meet guys there. They have these “beer stands” where they hang out and wait for you. Particularly at nighttime you will find the local friendly chicas. Even the ones with dates will stare down any gringo. Small note, don’t dress like a slob Gringo. (No tennis shoes or t-shirts). According to the girls there, a man’s shoes are important. Skip the air Nikes, backwards caps, and tank tops.

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The “Reggae and Pop” is the most popular stand in both malls, packed most any night. (The malls have fast Internet access available). The sights in here are extraordinary. If you’re on a long vacation, you’ll want to be able to give your phone # out to arrange dates. You can buy a cell phone in the ChipeChapi mall at the phone stores. Bell South has one there for example. They sell pre-paid calling cards as well. Phones are around $50, calls are lOOOp a minute.

But almost all of us are on a short vacation, so a sure thing is the next best thing. For the paid dates, there are “houses” on practically every block, with 5-20 girls inside dying to meet you. These are for the quickies only, the girls don’t leave. The layout on the inside is nothing to be desired, but you’ll love the approach. Like a beauty pageant, in the casas the girls come out and parade by you, shake your hand, and then stand in line or leave the room. Then the mamasan asks you to pick one you want. Bring a pen and paper, it gets hard to choose sometimes if they leave the room. The local paper is El Pais, for the addresses and # of the houses, check under the category Especeialistas. There’s 80+ houses listed in Cali. Remember, don’t go on a holiday weekend, the girls and their families leave town for Cartagena or elsewhere.


Calle 25 Norte No 2 Bis – 47 B. San Vicente,

(2) 653-6832. House live-in situations for the girls, and a lot of them are scorching hot. Some of the best in all of Cali, and the prices are sky high compared to other locations. Dates on the premises in the back rooms are 100,000k for an hour, 180K for 3 hours.

Floras Fresca

Calle 20N, No. 4N-16, very well known strip club with some wild acts and dances, a lot more expensive but worth going at least once. Use this place for entertainment only. Expect to see 8’s and 9’s doing full-blown lesbian acts, 69, strap on humping incredible.

Faraon and Faraon del Norte (located next-door to each other) Calle 2 #23-48

About 4 blocks past the Torre de Cali tower, (tallest building in Cali). Faron has a 10K entry fee, del norte is 15K.

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