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101 S. 2nd St. 910/343-1800,

Comprised of five historic buildings all located around the intersection of Second and Dock Streets, The Wilmingtonian feels like several boutique properties. Each of the buildings has a unique past and the 40 guest rooms ($97-325 s or d) have been decorated to reflect the heritage of their settings. The Dram Tree House, originally constructed in 1904 for use as a commercial building, offers seven one-bedroom suites that are built around a formal Southern courtyard. The Clarendon House was also a commercial building when it was constructed in 1950; it underwent a major renovation in 1989 and houses a total of eight one- and two-bedroom suites. A former convent in the 1950s, Maritime House has eight one-bedroom suites that are decked out in a nautical theme to pay tribute to the port city of Wilmington. Cinema House is the newest addition to the Wilmingtonian. Each of the 11 one-bedroom suites is a tribute to a classic movie stara move that was designed to accommodate the actors, directors, and producers who stay at the hotel while on location. The most impressive building in The Wilmingtonian is the deRosset House. Built in 1841, it’s one of the oldest private residences in town. The entire home underwent an extensive renovation in 1998 to restore its original character. The deRosset House offers a restaurant and bar, historic gardens, and an expansive front porch with sitting areas. Each of the six luxurious suites on the 2nd floor of the home was designed with period furniture and accessories. Request the Cupola Suite, which has a spiral staircase leading to its namesake cupola with spectacular views of Wilmington and the Cape Fear River. Rooms in the deRosset House are reserved for adults.

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Turn left onto the road. (Note that the path San Juan Map shown on some maps as running from more or less straight across this road to The Drive, San Juan Map leading to Lancing College Chapel, has now gone.) There is then a tedious but unavoidable road walk to just before the junction with the A27. As you approach that junction, take the right-hand turn, which is the road to Lancing College. By then turning almost immediately left, you will arrive at the Sussex Pad, the only refreshment place on this walk. It also provides useful car parking.

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