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786. A council, called by Patriarch Tarasius and Empress Irene to restore the cult of images, opened on 1 August. Roman delegates were also present. But the proceedings, interrupted by the irruption into the meeting room of some iconoclastic soldiers, were not resumed. Constantine’s mother, and marry Theodora, Maximian’s stepdaughter, with whom he had six children, including Dalmatius, Hannibalianus and Constantia, the wife of Licinius. He ordinarily resided at Trier. In 296 he finally put down the insurrection in Britain led by the Batavo-Roman officer Carausius, who, supported by the merchants of Gaul, had for 10 years dominated the NW seas with his fleet, controlling the channel coasts. He then defeated Allectus, another usurper; then the Alamanni in 302. On the abdication of the two Augusti in 305, Constantius and Galerius became Augusti; next year Galerius allowed Constantine, who was at his court, to join Constantius in Britain. Constantius died at York in June, and the local troops immediately acclaimed Constantine, rather than the designated Caesar Severus, as Augustus. Constantius did not apply to the letter Diocletian’s edicts of persecution against the Christians.

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1526 The first Spanish book on the natural history of the San Jose Map New World, Gonzalo Fernndez de Oviedo y Vald©s’s Natural History of the Indies, is San Jose Map published in Seville. 1529 In a letter dated July 8, the Italian-born explorer Giovanni da Verrazano describes part of the coast of North Country to King Francis I of France. 1534 The French explorer Jacques Cartier searches for the Northwest Passage. He will repeat his unavailing effort in 1536. 1537 Pope Paul III issues the bull Sublimis Deus, declaring that natives of the Countrys are human beings with souls, not animals. 1538 The first university in the New World is founded at Santo Domingo to train priests.

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