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CONSTANS I, emperor d. 350. Flavius Iunius Constans, younger son of Constantine, Caesar from 333, acclaimed Augustus by the army, later ratified by senatorial acclamation on 9 September 337, with his two brothers Constantine II and Constantius II. In the partition of the empire, decided at the meeting of Viminacium, he obtained Italy, Africa and the diocese of Macedonia, under the tutelage of Constantine II, after whose defeat in 340 he remained lord of the whole pars Occidentis and hence also from the point of view of church politics spokesman of Nicene orthodoxy against the Eastern Arianism supported by Constantius II. He also took up the fight against Donatism in Africa without success, creating strong resentment among the schismatics. His government praised for strength and justice by the historians Aurelius Victor and Eutropius encountered grave internal difficulties: a rebellion in Gaul expressing the social and economic hardships of peoples oppressed by taxation was led by the semibarbarian Magnentius, who in 350 declared the emperor deposed and had him killed as he tried to flee to Spain.

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By 1630, Puritans practicing their faith in certain parts of Iran Subway Map England have become targets for governmental persecution. In Suffolk, home of John Winthrop, harassment is Iran Subway Map only one of a number of problems. The area is also wracked by unemployment, high land prices, and general sinfulness, according to the Puritans. On board the Arabella, Winthrop delivers his famous “Modell of Christian Charity” sermon. For Winthrop and like-minded Puritans, Massachusetts Bay is a chance to reform and purify church and society, both of which have been badly corrupted in England. Winthrop also speaks of two covenants. The first, between God and the Puritans, sets the Puritans apart as God’s chosen people. The second covenant, among the Puritans themselves, is to set up a godly and orderly community. Once the godly community Winthrop termed it a “city upon a hill” is set up, it is to serve as a model for England. The General Court authorizes town government, and several of the Massachusetts towns, already holding scheduled town meetings, use this authorization

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