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This book aims to fill that gap, providing what I Chile Metro Map consider to be the best walk in Sussex in seventeen different categories: Waterside, Family, Teashop Chile Metro Map , Challenge, Pub, Sunday Afternoon, Hilltop, Church, Town, Village, Railway, Ghost, Woodland, Nature Lover’s, Literary, Coastal and Heritage. Naturally, it is not possible to be completely objective about what makes the best walk in the categories given, and some readers may disagree with my choices.

My selection is based on a number of factors. Firstly, I have endeavoured to aim for parity of walking between East and West Sussex (eight of the walks are in East Sussex, nine are in West Sussex). Secondly, I have tried to avoid any overlap between walks; the only overlap that exists is a very small section of the Teashop and Challenge walks. Thirdly, I have purposely started and finished each walk at a place that is well served by public transport as well as by road.

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