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The name of today’s Federal Capital was first mentioned in official documents by the Roman author Florus from the years 9 to 13 BC. In 1210 Archbishop Dietrich I of Cologne built Godesburg Castle. In 1601 the electors and archbishops of Cologne made Bonn their residence town and capital. The year 1715 saw the distinction of the Bonn Fortress and the start of expansion into a Baroque residence. In 1770 Bonn’s most famous son, Ludwig van Beethoven, was born. In 1935 Godesborg received the status of a town. In 1949 Bonn was designated as the provisional Federal Capital of Germany.


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His power over me was taken for granted, even though I had no one to clean my cabin or serve me drinks and cigarettes. He explained that the hospital had the only bath on the ship. I noticed that it had two steelframed beds rather than wooden bunks built into the cabins and asked him why that was. The Wop said that the most common use for the hospital was to subdue drink-crazed sailors; they were handcuffed to the railings of the bed and left to scream and spew over themselves until they sobered up. I didn’t know whether or not to believe him. He told me that an AB called McAllister was the worst of the worst onboard when he was drunk. The previous month, McAllister had been cuffed to the bed and he had gnashed the pillow to pieces in his rage at being subdued, then smashed his head repeatedly against the bedpost, breaking his nose and knocking out several teeth, before vomiting all over the place. The Wop told me how hilarious it was to see him lying there groaning, covered in spew and blood and feathers. The chief mate was so revolted that he had a couple of buckets of water thrown over McAllister, to clean him up. On the deck above us were the captain’s suite and a guest cabin.

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