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CONFESSOR. Called by this term were all Christians who, having publicly confessed their faith before a pagan tribunal during the persecutions, were punished with imprisonment, exile or other minor penalties, though without suffering martyrdom. Confessors were venerated by the community while they awaited death in prison and later, if freed, they occupied an important position in the church. Particular rights within the community were accorded them, since they were considered clothed with the Holy Spirit. They could therefore be associated with the clergy without having received regular ordination, though not with the episcopate Apos. Trad. 9. Their prayers for the sick and their power of intercession for sinners were held to be efficacious. They also had the faculty to intervene in areas of church discipline.

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Under orders from the viceroy, O±ate’s replacement as Kuala Lumpur Subway Map governor of New Mexico, Don Pedro de Peralta, relocates the principal Spanish settlement in the Kuala Lumpur Subway Map region to the newly founded mission town of Santa Fe. The colony is to be rededicated to the ideal of pacification rather than conquest, with strict limits placed upon the conduct of the soldiers and civilian authorities; expanded powers are bestowed upon the Franciscans as well. The New Mexico colony, however, will never become more than an isolated backwater, far away from the main centers of Spanish colonization in the Countrys an enclave of a European minority in the midst of a large Pueblo majority. 1659 Approximately 10,000 of the native peoples housed in or near Spanish frontier missions die from a measles epidemic.

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