Orpheum Theater US Map & Phone & Address

Orpheum Theater US Map & Phone & Address

Foxborough Common (Rte. 140),

Foxborough; (508) 543-ARTS(2787)

This is Mine’s favorite part of the Foxborough Regional Center for the Performing Arts. There’s a dazzling movie program here; films run the gamut from classics like Dr. Zhivago, to Monty Python funnies, to flicks that have just left the big (i.e. full-price) cinemas. On most days, you’ll have your pick of at least two shows. And every day, there’s a matinee screening of a children’s favorite like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or the animated An American Tail. Bring your kids, bring your neighbor’s kids, borrow some kids Mine cheers these ticket prices. Afternoon shows are $3 (for all ages); evening prices are $4.50,period.

The Orpheum also presents live theater, including a recently-estab-lished Off-Broadway” professional series. Tix are a bit pricier, though, hovering around $20. But keep an eye out for less expensive performances, like a recent version of The Emperor’s New Clothes that was only $7.50 at night, and just $5.50 for matinees.

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