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There now follows easy and most pleasant walking, with fine Khartoum Subway Map views across the water to Bosham. At a small inlet you reach the metalled Harbour Way, Khartoum Subway Map turning left here and following it to a T-junction where you turn right to follow another road. If you turn left at this T-junction you will reach Chidham.

This is a pleasant but not especially attractive community, although there are some interesting buildings which include the restored Tudor Chidmere House, a manor house that dates back to the eighteenth century, a well-preserved farmhouse that is dated 1759, and the attractive thirteenth-century Church of St Mary.

There is a link here with Steyning, described fully in the Best Church Walk chapter, in that the church contains a chapel dedicated to St Cuthman; it is suggested that his celebrated journey to Steyning, pushing his mother in a wheelbarrow, began at Chidham, and Cullimer’s Field on Cobnor Farm nearby was described as St Cuthman’s Field in 1635. There is also a link with one of Chichester’s most historic buildings, Edes House, for John Edes, a maltster who was responsible for commencing this building, is buried in the village.

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