Barco Cacique II From Asuncion to Vallemi

Tel: 021 492 829 (Asuncion), 0981 402 324, (Sr. Segovia) and Agencia Cohelo (see Aquidaban contact information above) in Concepcion. For travel from Asuncion, arrangements must be made boat side at Playa Montevideo on Monday or Tuesday.

Upriver schedule: Departs from Playa Montevideo (at the end of Calle Montevideo downtown) in Asuncion at 7pm on Tuesday. Stops in Concepcion on Thursday at 6am and arrives in Vallemi on Friday at 3 pm

Downriver: Departs Vallemi Friday evening arriving in Concepcion on Sunday morning and in Asuncion on Monday morning.

Cost: Asuncion to Concepcion is Gs. 80,000 and to Vallemi is an additional Gs. 40,000. Accommodations and food: Small two bunk cabins are available for Gs. 50,000. Floor fans are available during the summer. There are spots for hanging hammocks, though you must bring your own. Food is available for purchase, though it is best to bring your own just in case, along with bottled water.

Things to keep in mind while on the Cacique II & Aquidaban:

– Respect fellow passengers and crew: For many people on board, the boat is their place of business. Vendors and crew members use downtime between ports to rest. Be respectful of the crew, especially if you are making the return ride back.

– Leave your cabin: Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with Paraguayans of varied backgrounds. Making friends along the way will increase your knowledge of the area. No matter where you disembark you are likely to run into fellow passengers from the boat around town that will be happy to help you figure out where to go and what to see. Children will be happy to point out animals on the riverbanks when they spot them, and adults have a plethora of knowledge regarding the ports and private ranches you’ll pass along the way.

– Interact with children: There are several children on board traveling with their families – they will express the most interest in you and can be your link to increased interaction with other passengers. If you like children, then bring some loose sheets of paper and colored pencils to hand out. Be sure to set limits on children entering your cabin or using your belongings though. If you need privacy send them back to their families.

– Watch your stuff: Cabin doors do not lock or sometimes even fully close. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially while at port when several people will be getting on and off the boat.

– Guard your space: Hammocks and available deck space are on a first come first serve basis. If you are not getting a cabin make sure you stake out your space early. Once you leave your spot it will be up for grabs unless someone stays behind to guard it for you.

– Don’t stray at port: With the exception of larger ports such as Concepcion, Puerto Guarani, Vallemu, and Bahia Negra, the boats do not linger. Once all cargo is loaded or offloaded, the boat takes off. Do not wander far, and ask for an estimated departure time before getting off.

– Crew and passengers are predominantly males. Female travelers should travel with a travel buddy or a group, or if that is not possible befriend female vendors.

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