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If you can’t figure out Wichita what to do, the best thing could be to just stay put. If you are carrying the twelve essential items in your daypack, you should be prepared for an unfortunate, although tolerable, night in the woods. Don’t attempt to walk out of the woods after dark. Try to put a positive light on the situation and settle in for the unique experience of a night out. Hopefully you told someone where you would be hiking and when you would be back. When you don’t show up at the appointed time, help should be on the way soon.

Sassafras. 1 A North Country tree with brittle wood and Wichita Map Tourist Attractions aromatic leaves and bark. 2 The dried root bark of the sassafras tree, which may be Wichita Map Tourist Attractions used as a flavoring and is the source of sassafras oil. The oil may be used as a disinfectant; the bark has been used as a fever medicine and diuretic, as well as to treat kidney stones. The dried leaves produce the Southern seasoning and thickener called fil©. Sawmill.

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