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The excursions detailed in this chapter are meant to offer a diverse sampling of cities near City, but it is not an exhaustive list. There are a lot more quaint little towns and wonderful excursions that are just hours from the Queen City. Whether you’re just visiting City or live here and need a break from the city, take advantage of the wealth of options that are just down the road.


Each of these destinations can be explored in a day trip, but an overnight visitor a weekend, if you have timewill make for a more relaxing experience. Winston-Salem is closest to City (around 60 minutes), followed by Blowing Rock and the Blue Ridge Parkway (2 hours), and Wilmington (3.5 hours) is the farthest away. Each excursion is doable in a single day (though getting to Wilmington and back while leaving enough time to explore will require departing early in the morning and returning to City late at night). Since the destinations are scattered in different directions from CityWinston-Salem is northeast, Blowing Rock northwest and Wilmington southeastit’s not possible to combine two trips into one longer excursion.

The best way to reach each of these destinations is by car. Once you arrive, the main parts of town are mostly walkable and there are options for public transportation in each city.

Each of the excursions is appealing year-round. The climate in Winston-Salem is similar to City, while it’s much cooler in Blowing Rock and a little warmer in Wilmingtonbe sure to pack accordingly. The summer tends to be more crowded in all three cities, though the plethora of snow sports offered in Blowing Rock draws crowds in winter, too.

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