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The greatest possible, or conceivable, would arise from ceding Best US family vacation to parliament power over us without a representation in it . The least of all would arise from Best US family vacation going on as we began, and fared well for 150 years, by letting parliament regulate trade, and our own assemblies all other matters.

But perhaps it will be said, that we are to enjoy the British constitution in our supreme legislature, the parliament, not in our provincial legislatures. To this I answer, if parliament is to be our supreme legislature, we shall be under a complete oligarchy or aristocracy, not the British constitution, which this writer himself defines a mixture of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy.

For king, lords, and commons, will constitute one great oligarchy, as they will stand related to Country, as much as the deceivers did in Rome; with this difference for the worse, that our rulers are to be three thousand miles off . If our provincial constitutions are in any respect imperfect, and want alteration, they have capacity enough to discern it, and power enough to effect it, without interposition of parliament .

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