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It worked in Africa and Papua New Guinea too. Many China map eskilstuna pairs of hands suddenly appeared from behind our seats, eagerly seizing pictures to take for everyone China map eskilstuna on the bus to see. One man asked if he could keep a picture of a red double-decker London bus, and since I’d brought spare copies of several cards, I gave it to him. There was little to compare between the red London bus and the faded coach we travelled on. It stopped seldom and it moved very slowly. When it stopped for the passengers to go and relieve themselves, everyone got out and stood or squatted near the bus; they seemed to have no need for privacy.

Kat and I left with a certain sense of disappointment. If Captain Townshend or other resident lighthouse spirits remained they were elusive this evening.

Through the years we have been on well over 100 investigations, and of those only a handful produced evidence. We would have to wait until all the material was reviewed to see if anything turned up. This was something UPPRS, Kat and I would be doing over the next several weeks.

It was our audio/video review ritual. We came in Monday morning not speaking to each other. Listening and watching hours of audio and video can be boring. Some days it puts us in a bad mood. That Monday morning was one of those “some days.” We have learned there are times when not saying anything to each other is better.

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