How to Travel in Madrid

Madrid – Toledo

Holy Toledo. I’m not sure where that expression came from, but standing right here, this is a beautiful city, about an hour away from Madrid. This is so cool, I walk wandering around these alleyways and they’re totally dark, and narrow. And then I walk out here, and boom, this beautiful cathedral. They started to build it in the late 1200s, and actually took 300 years for them to finish this thing. There’s little figurines everywhere, everywhere. It’s quite stunning to look at. Not only are there beautiful things on the outside of buildings here in Toledo. There are beautiful things on the inside.

How To Travel In Madrid Spain

And I’m gonna go inside now and check out one of El Greco’s masterpieces. This city is famous for it’s steel making. And they made swords and weapons and all sorts of elaborate armor. And these guys are just tapping, tapping little nails onto these circular sized things, and the detail is absolutely incredible. These little discs that they’re making are beautiful. What’s so cool is the balconies on both sides practically touch each other in the middle.

How To Travel In Madrid On A Budget

Look at this, mmm. You come to Toledo, you try out the marzipan. Toledo is a gem of a city, or I should say, a small town. You walk in, and all the sudden you get lost in these little alleyways, and you find all these cool shops. The sword factories are the most fun place I’ve ever been to in my life. So Toledo, thumbs up.

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Madrid Card

Check it out. I don’t know where I would be without my Madrid Card. This thing is essentially the Swiss army knife for tourists. You have to have this thing. It gets you into all the museums, discounts, food, to the front of lines at museums. You know what? Now that I mention food, I’m kind of hungry, so I’m going to go use this right now. See you. I love this thing.

How To Travel Around In Madrid

Madrid City Hop-On Hop-Off

Madrid is a big city and there’s lots to see, and the best way to do it is on this guy, the hop-on hop-off bus. Let’s go. I just got off the bus here at Plaza de Cibeles and I must say this one of the nicest City Hall buildings I’ve ever seen, and actually it looks like a giant palace. Where should I go? I am standing right in the middle of Plaza Mayor and this is the “corazon”, the heart of Madrid. People come here to hang out with friends, sit at the cafes, have a little tapa, have a little drink. This place is where you wanna be, if you wanna hang out with friends. My ride is here, let’s keep the adventure going.

How To Travel Madrid Cheap

I am standing in front of the Spanish Royal Palace, and this thing is big. It’s actually the largest Royal Palace in all of Europe. The royal family doesn’t actually live there. You see, there’s 3,000 rooms, it is fun to look at. I’ve seen a few of the major sites but not all of them. Let’s keep going. And this is Puerta del Sol. This is kinda the center of town. All of the major walking streets are spread out from here, and there’s cafes and people from all over the place. And my foot is right on Kilometer Zero, the exact center of Spain. There really is no better way to see the city, sitting under the sun in this open-top bus, checking out all of the beautiful architecture. I’m having a good time.

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