Xi’an Vacations

Soon after dawn I returned to the forest as the mist Xi’an Vacations rose slowly from the wet pinnacles, and the spiders’ webs glistened in the early sun. Xi’an Vacations It is easy to tell the less trodden paths by the number of unbroken webs across them. But while the place was deserted I enjoyed rambling around the main routes, going up to little pavilions and major view points. Their climbing handholds are worn to a polished smoothness. When I heard the coaches begin to arrive I went away. In a village nearby I met a young woman of my own age, called Waree, who told me about some forthcoming celebrations for Ho-ba-jie (Flaming-torch festival).

Gasoline Music and Cruising

Gasoline Music and Cruising is a site-specific, performative and immersive sound work. It is a participatory work where passengers are driven on a curated route through the city. The car is driven by Hamachi and the sounds are mixed by Nakase, with additional effects added in, resulting in a form of composed’ soundscape inside the car. The amplification of car noise changes according to the space in which the vehicle is moving – for example, driving at speed on the motorway, driving along 50 km/h streets, idling at stoplights, indicating and turning corners. The driving route is a key part of the performance and is pre-determined to provide a variegated experience of speed and sound.

The sound inside the car is overwhelming and all consuming. The intimate interior space of the car acts to contain and enhance the acoustic resonance. The sound vibrations of the actual engine mix with the composition to reinforce the volume of noise. The kinaesthetic perception of the movement and speed of the car interlinks with this amplification of sound. The overall effect is a unique, immersive experience that transforms the everyday experience of car travel into something extraordinary.

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