Flying to Chiang Rai

Oh morning is currently like not even 6:30 not really early, and I’ve woken up to know Stephen, and a message saying that he’s gone out to fly the Droid super earlier the border he is crazy I don’t know how we got out of this bed. Because this bed is like the comfiest that I’ve ever slept in we have to leave here at 8 o’clock get an airport, and then we offer you Chiang Rai today for a couple of days. So we do need to get up, and have breakfast my voice is like breaking. Because, I’m so tired, and I can see that the egg lodging on on I made all this condensation on the window wait, I’ll show you you see I wanted to show you guys the sunrise. But I can’t there’s condensation, I’m sure it’s nice, I’m sure Stephen I think you’ve got lunch that Park down then apply the drone it’s kind of like the central Parsons, and actually maybe get out of bed alright vinegar you’re already teaching Hey everybody, and welcome to Bangkok yes this doesn’t look like Bangkok. Because I found a beautiful park I think you wanted to call it Central Park entire Bangkok, and there’s nice beautiful greenery everyone is out going for a cycle going for a run there’s actually a nice little manmade latest over here now that I’ve started blog here. But doesn’t disappointing news I actually woke up to catch the Sun rises just in front of me over there, and I came to actually fly the drone everywhere I was trying to fly to tried like two different spots before I even got it in yet someone was right on me which it off take it down take it down I was going to capture this beautiful sunrise with the buildings in the background.

Flying to Chiang Rai Photo Gallery

But I just had no luck at all like these stops at all the entrances of the park park is actually. So beautiful I don’t know how we missed it last time we were in here, and this time of the morning is the lighting is just. So beautiful I think Jax is going to be too happy with my choices getting back to the hotel. But I am in a trust of this little back alley to try, and get through. Because I need to get the quickest route back to the hotel actually had two choices this morning. Because we don’t have much time, I’m rushing back to get to our hotel we quickly shovel down to breakfast, and head off to the airport. But I had two choices for you guys we’ll do a timeline from the comfort of my very comfy bed or I was going to risk it head to the past try to get some drone footage for you which would have been way more incredible I bet it on the one that didn’t work.

But I will always bet on the one that will end in a in a really awesome shot that you guys haven’t been able to get any drone footage of Bangkok yet. So that I know they’re reading that Park like a hawk this public service announcement is actually just a Clio is a cleaning on my bag Queeny on my makeup bag, and I realized I’ve taken your trocar the thing is I haven’t, I’m going to wear it on the field let you know that I did find it in the bottom of my bag, and I didn’t realize I taken it. So, I’m going to use it. But this wasn’t intentional, I’m sorry also I can’t raise enough of how amazing it is to using travel bag things. So seriously us or are they make traveling so much easier, and I wish I knew about them before like, I’ll totally recommend getting some we got out of EVs like ten dollars they all get a link, and put it in below if you do want to get some. Because these are guys are like a travel lifesaver too quickly one more travel hack cause if you’re traveling in Asia they have free they have free offline posts which means you can go to subscriptions click, I’ll show you how to say this one I think we save this one you click this which will say an offline if you click that, and then if you come to two offline posts I have all these posts I can now watch from the plane without using any Internet it is so good Costa had this in every country I think they do have it in every country.

But in some countries you need to pay for you to read to be able to use it. But in Asia is free, and I’ve been using it every time we’ve been doing our big long travel days just grabbing a bunch of posts, and then reading them on my phone it makes time for. So quick I feel like when I watch TV shows, I’m like aware of the time. Because I know that they all go for 40 minutes, and it was a little bit slower. But with posts they’re really sporadic, and you can watch all different types of people, and then I feel like once like lately we’ve been having like eight hour drive, and they’ve been feeling maybe like four hours from reading it just quickly why I would love to find a couple of new rs to write down the comments below a couple of your favorite rs you recommend I check out. Because I need more I keep running out of posts to watch. Because you keep well if you watch eight hours straight you kind of run out of posts.

So they’ll be great things in as much like why security everywhere oh really like those cameras everywhere, and I try for us in two different locations, and they stopped me with pocket you can get in here oh. So maybe just I meant to slide in on Bangkok yes that’s okay alright waiting for you on your behavior on a super key this reception area is so nice, and here’s a breakfast food breakfast table one breakfast table through breakfast table three full bowl that goes all all around I know it’s for some time and, I’m going to eat it now it smells victorious oh my goodness thank you listen stop yeah save guess what I have no there’s our oh my god uh Nutella oh we haven’t had it for. So long oh my gosh look at the honey, and it drips down into this container guys just bear with us just for this thing we promise we’ll go back to exploring between eating right, and Asian food for breakfast the last three weeks we get excited over last food shot I promise I promise promise going back to exploring now my room by Bangkok how many go one two three four five I think we found our plane hopefully that one not that one that one’s leaving I landed, and ride in the secretary, and you can never when specific another one what drive the other day less sacred, I’m sure your budget rule that was the coolest welcome in a bow alrighty we just arrived our accommodation all the volunteers are kind of arriving it today, and let’s have a look alrighty guys your first visit a Shanghai are you ready damn damn damn the Pacific it’s a pretty much going to be waiting today for the volunteers arrived in I was going to go to a night market, and then tomorrow is a leap all jump on the bus together, and head out to the upper hilltribe which is where we’re going to be volunteering today which, I’m really excited I think it’s like kind of a unique thing that we’re going to be doing this week I found this really fun game mm-hm can you play with me good okay I saw it on Facebook, and it’s going viral. So this little guy if you move from sound hello hello hello hello hello hello hello not it’s hot in a hotel you can Japanese well you try play okay ready hello how are you don’t stand on the spikes, I’m in California syncing to it Oh lovely. But, I’m like way better than you oh here we go I just playing this on a plane what’s that that should I do it yes good no no pay now you know a lot of salmon a spy. But this is like self I don’t if you got under them quietly now come outside have a little explore, and have a late lunch, and I think we’re staying in like like a suburban area looks like that like there’s just a lot of houses around not really many restaurants or cafes or anything like that it’s quite like a quiet area.

But we have done on the map. So there is a restaurant feminist way. So we’re going to go for a walk. So don’t charge us. Because we were speaking to someone, and we’re like is there any food inside on my Buddha le on the guy literally or Marbella everything’s closed do we know any place we could find with Western food yeah it’s called hungry wolf, and they said then what I was at it’s American style food at American sizes. So I think means even much share a meal then oh man I would hate to work for the power station imagine trying to fix one of these wires this sums up what some days are like interesting right we found a cat cafe with amazing waffle he yeah just come for your second the white cat okay oh no we just like what happen like there’s ooze I know I saw the ball never asked me for directions. Because I just made us walk five minutes in the wrong way, I’m sorry Steve he’s used to it now are you guys we’re not flogging lunch I promised myself that, I’m not going to show you any more food.

But hungry rules yes we’ll give you our reading afterwards back home four point five strong four point five. But for Asia that restaurant was a strong five for giving you western food had a really good pizza. But now we are heading out some hours apart, and we’re going to be nice Bazaar market see what all the rages of us only happen once a week every Sunday nights Don glad we’re here for them we didn’t lie when we said it was a bizarre let’s go find a snack these are drawings. So this one as well these are people that are part of the alcohol tribe who are going to be volunteering with tomorrow that’s why we are here interesting right which leaders would spend the night see rocktron who the white outfit yeah that’s really cool yeah it’s like you know when they find the black, and white photos like we changed it of color I think a really good thing about these night office is the how are you closing your drink whiskey can by thought behind me on discrete or, and then also to certain times are going to play lies using these markets is searching for dinner I got a huge fruit juice for two dollars, and sushi for toodles, I’m so good Stephens trying avocados sushi doesn’t like avocado dip it in this you might like it in this it’s got mayonnaise, and it’s like sesame seed do you think Oh cute you like it like, I’m sure that I’ve always been to strong not you too are you soon you don’t like it and, I’m fine the soy sauce really hard time yeah I ordered the whole mom say hi to the post here we go I hope you guys enjoyed the post today the guys the full Steven was ending the post. But we realized that we never actually said we just need 21 thousand commentrs, and we never said thank you when we hit 20,000 we completely forgot. So thank you so much for all 20,000 of you for following us that it may be crazy number sorry for not mention it feel really bad I think this is lovely all over the place of the week. But thank you yeah thank you really appreciate it amazing yes yes all right we’re going now all right good night please row row with me playing the game good night little Tommy.


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