Tips, guidelines and help for first time buyers

If you are not having contact with any real estate agent, the process of making the right selection may not be an easy task. Purchasing property in Sobha International City means you may have to invest big money in your purchase. You also have the convenience of researching the internet, before your selection. In the online world you certainly have unlimited options available for comparing.

Sorting through the entire list may also be time consuming, but is important to avoid falling prey to fraud agents. This is true if you are purchasing a home for the very first time.

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Making your best selection is just not an impossible task. You need to keep in mind a few important basics, to help you ease the process of selection.

Realtor, broker or agent

When browsing through the market you may very often come across terms like realtors, agents or brokers. It is important for you to get familiar with each of the terms used.

Agent – an agent is one who is trained and owns a valid real estate license. Any person who is interested in making his career in the property market can opt to be an estate agent. It is certain that he has to be licensed under a valid broker, in your area. He or she should have completed estate agency course with experienced broker.

Broker – to be an estate broker you may need some additional qualifications. It is also important that he should have appeared for the relevant exam. Most brokers are free to operate independently from their own office area. They also have the rights to buy or sell properties on behalf of the customers. It is important that they should hold a valid license.

Realtor – He is a person who is legal to perform property related transactions. You can find many legal Sobha International City Property realtors. They are also a valid member of associations. They have to follow strict guidelines sated by the association.

What is your best option?

You have to understand that estate agents and real estate brokers will in general, represent buyer for his transactions. To perform this function they may not have to show their license or under go special training sessions. Once the deal has been made, they will claim for some amount of money as their earned commission.

A genuine agent or broker is one who has managed to complete at least few of the transactions for buyers earlier. They have to hold their reputation for completing deals with other buyers.

The moment you are looking around for purchasing new house, it is best to look around for genuine broker or estate agent. You have to consider their work experience with past customers. For first time buyers, you can make the selection from brokers or agents.

When selecting any professional, it is best to spend some time before making your selection. You have to select one who is more confident and can help you with smooth purchase process. You don’t need to look around for tech savvy professional to help you complete the deal. You can contact dlf Magnolias Gurgaon and request for reputable agents or brokers.

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