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Hey everybody, and welcome back to Thailand we’ve just come to sing glory, and all my goodness this is the hottest I think we’ve been on this entire trip I am sweating so much we’re going to go around explore a bit, and we’ll show you guys what you can see here, and sing glory should be fun. But extremely hot a guy. So exciting of the thing going tortillas the best invention I’ve ever seen we found pizza in a car we can try.

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So he will enter vegetarian. But such that is really cruel I want to try, and make that our whole hour how does she make them when I save number two drenched in square spot we have come to a site we haven’t shown you yet on our Southeast Asia trip site right another one out which I think we’ve seen wrong apparently mr. Buddha no that’s just how the Americans are seen no one was understanding our Australian accent when we were saying good luck. But we found a big old Buddha we’re going to take you guys along, and I think we get to climb upwards which is not going to help the sweat situation at all this is also one of the biggest Buddha’s in the area, and it does look a little big in the camera wait let me over 65 meter tall this is probably my face when I see the way to bringing my surgery I put it on yeah yeah anywhere honor I put it on the e in your wait I forgot to wish that time out your time rate food, and water it actually looks really tall hello you break me up there these are the sizes, I’m used to seeing this is probably one of the most beautiful temples we’ve been to here in Thailand. So nice, and clean still isn’t totally destroyed yet, and it’s uncool you get to climb up for one of the biggest food is here all right you have to make a wish, and throw it up into the hands oh gosh oh oh we went through the coin house going to hand your any a lot of three shots yeah it went backwards is dum it gonna have a Charlotte. So back down there yeah sorry your free time all right you ready yeah no no three times lucky are you sure yeah one time lucky for boiler mom Kitty what you didn’t I didn’t ah we actually took a 360 photo with all the volunteers that we’re in and, I’ll put it on Facebook. So you guys can go check it out.

So you can really see how big, and beautiful this area is how about told you guys to crazy time people you need to say. So what these, and why. So what be what will you do when take our last words. So decock you’re the boy it is super hot here in fingering seriously I think this is like the hottest place that we’ve been to in Thailand. So far, and I just feel like a hot mess. So anyway we just had a tie he was currently flying the gern, and I can hear it above me. So he just had a tie lesson, and sometimes we’re not too bad.

But here they have five different tones, and they’re trying to teach us the words Mountain rice knee in, and ten, and all I heard was cow cow cow cow cow oh oh oh oh oh. So um yes that’s that’s my knowledge of a certain language morning guys. So today we have come down to a local orphanage in Singh Barry, and we are helping building a wall, and it seems to be a lot of hard work. Because it’s currently 40 degrees in a friendly 9:00 a.m. we’ve come to collect the cement come on Steve you can do it do it bend your knees stop chipping Oh God hey guys they started about a month ago, and they come along, and he’s going to be a lot of hard work. Because it is so hot here, and the reason we have to build the wall is that it keeps a lot of the kids coming out, and running off into the rice fields, and also there’s a big issue with flooding the river comes up, and it pretty much like washes all this area out. So we’re hoping to the wall will stop that from happening we are kind of cleaning the wall to make it – they’ve already finished one more done really well well it’s awesome, and what’s the heat like got to the orphanage, and assistance fee this school is currently empty. Because the kids have gone back to their families now you might be thinking hey Steven how can this be an orphanage if they have families well let me tell you is at the moment is currently an issue in Thailand where the tribe people who live in the hill which we will be visiting as well as the tribes the government of Thailand doesn’t see them as a local citizens which means they can’t go do work they can’t vote they don’t have any writers of a citizen however here they’ve found out a way that a child comes to an orphanage they get their ID now in Thailand you need an ID to vote to get a bank card to just do anything in Thailand. So what they’ve done is I’ve set up the school, and they do call it an orphanage now there are orphaned at the orphanage. But it is a very small percentage most of them do have families in the tribe they are sending the kids here for school let’s just call it like a boarding school, and they have gone home for the summer. Because it is almost Thailand New Year which they all celebrate is called the water festival. So when they here at the school they get an education they learn Thai.

Because in the Hills they don’t actually speak Thai they speak their own language, and they get their ID, and then once the kids have the ID their children will be citizens. So it’s like fixing a generation issue by making these kids get their ID, and become part of society, and artists always leave their masks if you guys come volunteer here you’ll have to come, and find it, and send us a picture Oh guys one two three four fifth wall from the end come find it, and come take the photo for us party guys after like some pretty exact routine, and tough work we’ve got out to lunch. Because we think we deserve it I am so hungry, and we bring us come down to the local shop yeah I think, I’m going to order a pad thai group or in Thailand, and if you haven’t had a pad thai you need to order pad thai when you got time hello oh yeah it looks. So good alrighty guys this is pad thai oh my gosh it smells. So good, and we’re trying to be authentic by happening with some short figures we’re back home now, and it’s hardly washing day which means there’s nothing to wear. But my dude are you doing before you change your own mind chicken chance, I’m first in line, I’m Sophie we do already hey this is kind of pervy on the internet guys really true just spend the rest of the afternoon just recovering from that insane building day classic Thailand.

But we serve so much more fun stuff to show you guys. So if you are new around here please hit comment. But I thought I’d miss you out if you are commentd we would really appreciate you guys hit the post notifications about I know we’ve never asked us before. But it does help getting the content out of you guys. Because of course as you know sometimes is a little bit broken, and getting a few years to you. But thanks so much for reading give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the post, and we’ll see you next time I need to get off the street business is too crazy you guys.

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