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San Francisco – RocketBoat Ride

Welcome aboard. Stay for the RocketBoat? Some people like to enjoy San Francisco at a leisurely pace, but today, I’m on a tour of San Francisco at 50 miles an hour. You’re gonna get the wind in your hair. You definitely don’t look pretty after the RocketBoat, but it is so worth it. You’re gonna get your adrenalin pumping, your heart racing. This is a total adrenalin rush, and I heard if we stick our thumbs up in the air, it means go faster. Pumping around the beautiful San Francisco skyline.

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This bridge is the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, It’s one of the busiest bridges in the country. I saw the whole city skyline along, going 50 miles an hour, but I feel 10 years younger. The speed of that boat, it feels like you’re the king of the Bay. Let’s give another high five, Captain Thank you so much, that was totally awesome. Absolutely.

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San Francisco Bridge to Bridge Cruise

Some of San Francisco’s most famous attractions are best seen from the water. So we’re gonna do a bridge to bridge cruise of San Francisco Bay. Here we go! Okay, we’ve left the wharf behind. We’re on the water. It is perfect out here. And up ahead, I can see the Golden Gate. And I’m gonna hop up top to get the best view possible. Alright, we’re just about to go under the bridge, it is windy out here! The Golden Gate Bridge is unbelievable. There’s a photo opportunity everywhere I turn.

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You really do get such incredible views from San Francisco Bay. The Coit Tower, the city skyline, the sun glistening off the water, it’s perfect. We’re passing by Alcatraz, which was once a maximum-security prison. Some of the baddest and meanest criminals spend time in here. We’re about to go under the Bay Bridge. Wow! I’ve had such a pleasant time out here on San Francisco Bay. Seeing the city skyline, the bridges, the sailboats, and just enjoying a perfect afternoon in San Francisco.

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San Francisco California Academy of Sciences NightLife

I’m here tonight at the California Academy of Sciences, where once a week, the museum turns into a night life scene. Complete with music, the science exhibits as well as extra art interactive exhibits. It’s very exciting. Okay guys, so the first stop is the aquarium. This is for the Pink Coral Reef exhibit. It’s over 27 species. So Delecia’s Italian, so there’s 38,000 living animals here at the California Academy of Sciences. It’s astonishing. We’re looking at the albino alligator. This is called the breathing wall.

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It’s manufactured from recycled plastic grocery bags. So this is the T-Rex that comes alive after dark. At 10:15, we’ll see. I think the living roof is my favorite thing we’ve seen so far. A. Because it’s just interesting from a sustainable green perspective, but also, it’s man made, but it feels organic which is very, very fascinating. The whole night life experience, it’s 21 and over, VIP, you get to experience all of the scientific exhibits, cocktail in hand. It’s awesome, it’s the best thing you can do in San Francisco.

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