Use Common Sense

Use common sense


Be safe; and, be comfortable Be cautious, follow your instincts.

Don’t s.

Don’t get drunk and stupid Don't over pack.

Don’t hitchhike, if you can help it.

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Don't pre-my blog a lot of your trip; so as to have freedom to do things as you see fit;

Don't miss flights by being late;

Don't travel with banned items in your bags;

Don’t go in sketchy areas;

Don’t get overly scared.

In looking back, I have wondered how I really managed to cruise to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and the Mediterranean (twice! ) and the Panama Canal, not counting Bermuda and the Caribbean a few times well; fly across Canada and to England a couple times; travel America from Seattle to Boston via New York by Greyhound bus; and, crisscross Metropolitan Toronto the way I did as a part-time vacuum, waterless cookware and VCR salesman.

In the gamut of my travels, I most surely sit squarely in all the three main categories – cheap, budget and luxury travel. In fact, I would argue that I qualified in all three in each cruise I went on; for, I was forced to budget and travel on the cheap side; but, I felt like a king; and, indeed, looked and behaved rich and even famous.

I am sure many a big city fellow cruiser must have wondered who I was; and, if I was some rich businessman or celebrity. The few times that I gave one of my What We Do In Anguilla official tourism guide magazines to anybody, it seemed as though their perceived estimation of me had a spontaneous surge.

I was always told that publishing, generally, was for the rich; and, I had been printing the magazine yearly from 1991; the monthly tourism paper by the same name from 1987; the weekly Light newspaper from 1993; a weekly TV guide from the same time; and, several annual resort and restaurant brochures.

I was not in the habit of making this known; but, the few times I mentioned it, the awe it generated made me believe that I was automatically perceived as being some celebrity or wealthy person.

So, why again define luxury travel? Because, as I was trying to explain and prove above, “People’s perceptions of what makes travel luxurious seems to vary wildly”.

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