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Hey everybody I just loved with travel how you can go from drinking iced coffees in the middle of the Caribbean to this in a day that’s why I love travel welcome to the u.s. everybody hopefully you guys want to see us go on a cruise in 2018. Because I think that would be such a cool way to show you guys we actually super enjoy them I think we’ve been on two now. But you know we’ve been joy today’s post goodbye beliefs next stop the u.s. give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this post, and hit comment if you new around here see you next time Hey everybody, and welcome to police DICE it is currently 7:45, and yesterday was the full moon party.

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So I think our luck of finding any sort of coffee shop open today is gonna be very very amenable I mean that he didn’t go into the full moon festival see this is why we don’t go to margarita Mike’s, and our odor free coffee a dice, and beans margarita Mike salsa can give us free donuts there’s one vegan restaurant on the entire island, and thankfully they open the opposite of a fry Jack we’ve been looking for you which one’s the best one thank you. So much. So one of the main reasons we headed out to police besides the incredible diving here is that think this island is gonna become quite popular in the coming years. Because, I’m sure you guys heard that unfortunately a hurricane did come through the Caribbean not too long ago, and it wiped out a lot of the islands even islands that we visited seven years ago just aren’t there anymore police was lucky enough to not get hit too badly by the by the hurricane due to its location right on the main tip here in Central America. So I think this place is just going to boom. Because the infrastructure is still here, and a lot of tourists are gonna be wanting to go to Caribbean.

Because such a beautiful part of the world, and just gonna just blow up. So if you guys do come to beliefs you have to let us know below, and let us know if everything’s changed, and they puppy you’re just. So cute alright I need to take you guys on an island tour a very quick wander this is so small the three streets welcome to Main Street this is front Street, and back street to have any coconuts if you guys are looking for a spot to watch the sunset you have we come to the split guys that definitely think the best way to end your time here, and the best way to watch the sunset is to come to the split grab a couple of drinks, and just enjoy the rest of the day the island pretty much has its own motto which is ghost guys, I’m not sure this is low season. But there’s literally no on this island is dead. So you’re probably wondering what you actually do on this island earth three things you eat you drink any snorkel all righty let’s go to Denver I guess I really don’t know what Christmas is all about Hey everybody, and a welcome to Denver here in Colorado were having our first ever white Christmas checking, and I think we’re living in this weather before no it’s currently negative six degrees oh my gosh when is the last time we were in this club where they’re coming from the lease yesterday I know it’s also warm they’re so cool head is literally like smoke coming on that we went the first thing we did was we woke up super early. Because I was really excited.

Because I don’t know if I told you guys I probably already have told you. But this is the our first-ever white Christmas. So we’re gonna be in North America for the entire month and. So don’t worry buddy excited. So we’ve got our Starbucks, and then Christmas we don’t know where the cool coffee shops are yet. Because we need to mean. But also we don’t have Starbucks at home someone let’s just get our Starbucks rather stay here.

But then Christmas cups I want to show you guys they’re really cute this officially starts day one even though it is what December it’s December 5th. So now it starts day one of lovers it I feel like, I’m in the movies we never see these portholes steaming Christmases we don’t have a lot of outdoor malls in perso we come to 16th Street model they even have a free bus, and we are going to spend all day shopping guys it is just after 9:00 a.m. and cities starting to wake up my credit cards ready to get 5 yeah, and here’s a– we usually never go shopping playing now you know us we are very minimalistic. But we’ve also come to a very cold place that we’re not prepared for. So we need to go rug off, and it’s a good excuse to go shopping manners on it’s Christmas I need my present yes. So let’s go party guy Sephora shopping we need to eat, and Veronica from Instagram recommended we go, and have brunch at a place called snooze we’ve come to the one at Union Station which a lot of people told us to check out.

So we made it on there after oh my gosh, I’m so cold like my mouth, and my nose is so my mouth, and my nose is so numb. But we need to find it oh where is it it’s around here somewhere what Oh Christmas trees whoops – go check it out is it real I can’t tell my hands are so cold I don’t know what’s plastic or not I feel like, I’m just your personal post crew were walking around filling your reactions to Christmas thank you, and I feel like, I’m in Central Station all right Monica you did good absolutely amazing, and he’s so busy to Texas to come in to text us when there was a table available they gave us a free pancake which is healthy. But what is this we’ve no place to go super handy Denver having the the bus for the mile-long mall free bus free thoughts I like it never shop at forever 21 I’d like a 21 men’s section, and I found out with the winter it’s about late instead of my shirt might pick up this little sweatshirt do a spin all right guys are chosen Steven a jumper single, and ready to jingle the shopping has begun the damage has started guys a comment the second copy, and if this is an actual coffee size like side left face also guys don’t judge us. But um when we were in America last time we were over cest with the grocery store Trader Joe’s, and Australia has nothing like it, and we found that there is one in Denmark, and was a kilometer walk away, and we’ve walked the whole kilometer just to go to the grocery store, and we don’t even have a kitchen. So we can’t even do grocery shopping.

But we’re just going for the MEMS going for the cookies, and going for the easy drink cookie the cookies, and the easy easy yes the oatmeal, and raisin cookies, and trainers although shimeji can’t do them anymore I will cry no better also we’ve noticed that the Sun here is super weird like it’s never crossed the whole world right you know what I mean like what it’s done it’s kind of just chill it’s literally started here, and just gonna cross that way, and it’s over there now that’s about 7 o’clock. So it’s 2 o’clock, and it’s gonna sit probably, I’m guessing in three hours time. But anyway where is this Trader Joe’s ah oh my god I see it Steve it’s by the way, I’m really diggin the aesthetics of Denver City I mean this is a kilometer outside of the city, and it just looks like a suburb give me the cookies, and it’s the trail-mix that’s the best version raisin, and penis ring like. So many men’s of like two years enough this was like a special treat a first month of travel we couldn’t even wait to post a reaction. But literally just standing in front of Trader Joe’s eating their cookies even the guy that lived when we were buying it the guy that wears my that was a great cookie I agree. So they told us you guys well you guys told us to check out Cherry Creek Mall to do some more shopping, and Wow I can see why Americans get into Christmas like look where you get your Santa photon is huge no sound together okay I’ve left Jess with a basket in Sephora and, I’m gonna go shopping myself you can buy anything in here and, I’ll buy anything at the next shop is that okay Jess know that there’s this shop yeah trying to convince Jess hello didn’t spit on can you just make this much money no I don’t even know how much this is like hopping Uranus on.

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