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Costa Rica home to a vast variety of wildlife with its miles of coastline over percent of its land in conservation this tropical paradise makes a spectacular refuge for creatures both large, and small from volcanic mountain ranges to misty cloud forests, and bountiful jungles what will reveal itself to you while discovering Costa Rica up close you see the dead tree that has a hole on the right side of the tree he looked for the ones that we hadn’t seen, and pointed them out and I don’t know. How he spots them but he was able to come up with a lot of different animals that we hadn’t seen. So far by the way.

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This is the tree that gives those. I’m not in he does it sour oranges we have seen before they’re very good for ceviche very good a fish very good lemon a brick yellow had a cada kata which is the pumpkin. I have in here this go what a beautiful day one of the nicest things is that in Costa Rica there is little hunting, and usually animals are not afraid of human presence.

So you can see a first-hand what they do in their natural world you can see animals feeding, and flying, and interacting, and doing things but we have very good chances the day trip we’re able to see over a hundred different species of birds plus many mammals reptiles, and amphibians people are really really pleased with the observation especially in our hikes in the national parks, and the boat trips are particularly good although Manuel Antonio National Park is Costa Rica’s smallest park the diversity of wildlife in its three square miles is unequaled with species of mammals, and species of birds the brown-throated three-toed sloth is in residence as are three of Costa Rica’s for monkey species the mantled howler monkey Central American squirrel monkey, and the white headed cap you Chen the outside world is easily forgotten beneath the canopy that is until the distant sound of waves emerges out of the rainforest chorus the end of the trail reveals one of the parks white sandy beaches due to the stable climate warm waters, and subsequent lack of plankton the ocean waters are crystal clear animal Ocean is also very nice the beaches soft waves, and gentle currents provide the perfect environment to discover marine life, and coral reefs what was the lraqis mr. Mosca just for extra safety we tie the hind legs in the car it stays a constant okay just coming. This is concentrate they love.

So we’re gonna feed it here. So the cows distracted eating while you milk it okay, and he’s gonna do a little massage the cow. So the Milka starts coming down you know.

So then you can make it Costa Rica, and least successful dairy industry producing enough dairy to feed the people of their country with some left over for export. I got a few drops not bad for a city slicker wouldn’t know where he went today for when a guy got sick okay seven eight bottles of milk oh my god dog hooked up seeing is believing with. So many wonders in such a small place Costa Rica is sure to cast its spell on you.

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