Ecuador Yucca Plant – Yucca Farming

The Yahoo do you have in United State is in the cactus yes. So you can mr. Harrison from this stage in this traditional Ecuadorian crop is called yucca palm for hundreds of years the inhabitants of South America have harvested them for their tubular roots which can be included in a variety of dishes ranging from baked pancakes to soup digging up pulling out the roots peeling it cutting it she’s gonna mash it, and do something marvelous for lunch you can split it, and Emma you want to put it in a pot.

Ecuador Yucca Plant – Yucca Farming Photo Gallery

So we are gonna be learning. How to prepare the traditional food okay she has been already cooking some of them vampire fish has been wrapped whether with with a leaf the plantain leaves contain, and concentrate the savory juices of the fish or whatever food is wrapped within native people from this region have been preparing meals in this fashion for centuries, and we’re all eating off the leaves right and I think we’ll always remember the Cisco grub it was really very interesting she’s going to sputum okay, and then we’re gonna roast it right over the fire, and this becomes crispy, and crunchy oh really. This is not where. I draw a line, and say my lines drawn.

This is for happy hour today. I had a little of the girl, and it was delicious it really was, and after that we have these Brogan, and a spirit compass crafted from the trunks of peach palm trees these blowguns, and Spears have been the hunters weapons of choice in the Amazon women did really well to ladies you can cut fresh the catfish will never get shallow you can easily see. How they move in the water. I think just seeing a family living in their own home, and and living their own life which is.

So different from what we’re used to in the United States it is really wonderful.

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