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An unparallel city a dazzling mosaic of cultures, and scenery situated on seven hills in no other city will you encounter a hill where as here all times blend in a panorama of monuments like islands in the sea of living history. This is the hill of Sultanahmet within the city of this tunnel, and it is this hill that holds a treasure trove of hundreds of years of history here we find the Hippodrome of Roman, and Byzantine times the square of horses as the Ottomans called it. This is a square in the city no visitor of Istanbul would miss the history of Sultan Ahmet dates back to this Hippodrome which was built in accordance with the decree of the Roman Emperor septimus severus the breathtaking horse races used to be held here before hundreds of thousands of spectators those crowds are replaced by travelers from all around the world today from the Magnificent days of the Byzantine Empire all we have left are three obelisks petrified witnesses to the events that once took place in the Hippodrome the monument to Constantine the seventh which lost its fronds casing in to latin invaders now stands bare, and sad the spiral pillar has had his heart broken being a slave to an eternal solitude for.

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So long. This is the Egyptian obelisk whose identical counterpart was created on conquered square in Paris it is homesick for the banks of the Nile or Karnak temple in its hero of lifx dating back years the Pharaoh Thutmose is the third still bathes in the sacred sunshine of Amon Rob, and who is it that rains in the Sultan Ahmed mosque whose elegant minarets overlooked the marmora see it is not a person but the noble perfection of th century Ottoman architecture that reigns there Sultan Ahmed mosque was built by the decree of Sultan Ahmet the first with the purpose of surpassing the stately presence of San Sophia the arc Tech’s assigned for this task word of wood, and minute to apprentices of Sinan the Great Architect the mosque was started in, and although it did not supersede st. Sophia in magnificence it did surpass it in elegance, and style perfectly in harmony with the picturesque landscape of Istanbul today it is renowned for its blue China that reflects the blue of the heavens, and thus is also known as the Blue Mosque while the doors of this mosque seem to lead the visitors to celestial splendors the Sultan’s pavilion located in the complex around the mosque invites us to a feast of beauties of the most ridiculous type of hand you the Imperial gate of the Topkapi Palace leads to Sultanahmet square here the Sacred House of Wisdom st.

Sophia casting a shadow years into the past is an architectural testament to the golden era of Byzantium the Byzantine Basilica of st. Aidan a invites us to the universal brotherhood of music not surprisingly. This is one of the places where the Istanbul music festival is held on.

So Kashmir Road is a row of historical mansions representing all style Istanbul residences today accommodating visitors from all over the world reflections of the past, and the beauty of Four Seasons converge here in Sultan Ahmed the fountain of ahmet the third exhibits some of the most intricate details of the early baroque style the german fountain a gift from kaiser wilhelm ii to abdullah made whispers a melody of water under the shade of centuries-old sycamores, and here history is a phenomenon that lies both above, and under the earth the cistern of Emperor Justinian with its columns is like a palace from a fairy tale that’s why this one thousand four hundred, and fifty year old cistern is called Gary Barton palace by the residents of his travel but. I love you too me love both why quiet we haha if you are tired. How about taking a rest under the shade of Sycamore, and chestnut trees or smoking a water pipe in the shaded courtyard of the quarry until cafe or even doing some shopping, and the historical bazaar, it’s not yet evening, and in the evening we will enjoy watching a show delivered in four different languages staged on the warm nights of summer. This is a show of rights, and silence relating the fascinating story of this tournament.

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