Where is Glendale? | Map of Glendale | Glendale Map for Free Download and Prin

The Scenic And Overlook Trails Are Located Along The Oceanfront Mountains Of Point Mugu State Park. The Overlook Fire Road, An Unpaved, Vehicle- Restricted Road, Follows A High North/South-Running Ridgeline That Separates Big Sycamore Canyon From La Jolla Valley. Where is Glendale? The Scenic Trail Is A Footpath That Contours The Oceanfront Slope On A Chaparral-Covered Ridge To Panoramic Overlooks Of The Pacific. Both Trails Begin In The Shade Of Big Sycamore Canyon And Form A Loop On The West Canyon Slope.

Where is Glendale? | Map of Glendale | Glendale Map for Free Download and Prin Photo Gallery

From The Parking Area, Walk Up The Road Past The Campground To The Big Sycamore Canyon Trailhead Gate. Continue Up The Unpaved Road About 50 Yards To The Signed Junction With The Scenic Trail. Take The Trail To The Left (West) Across Big Sycamore Creek, And Head Up The Wooden Steps. Steadily Gain Elevation Up An Open, Grassy Hillside With Views Of Big Sycamore Canyon. Map of Glendale At The Saddle Near The Top Of The Hill Is A Trail Split. The Left Fork Leads A Short Distance To An Oceanfront Overlook. Continue Up To Several More Viewpoints. Return Back To The Junction, And Head North To A Junction With The Overlook Fire Road. Take This Service Road Downhill To The Right, Winding 0.9 Miles Back To The Big Sycamore Canyon Floor. Near The Bottom, Five Gentle Switchbacks Lead To The Junction Across The Creek. Take The Canyon Trail To The Right, Leading 0.4 Miles Back To The Trailhead Gate.

La Jolla Canyon Is A Steep, Narrow Gorge With A Perennial Stream And A 15- Foot Waterfall. The Rocky Canyon Is A Gateway To The La Jolla Valley Natural Preserve, A 600-Acre Unspoiled Landscape Protecting The Rare Perennial Native Bunchgrass Prairie. The Natural Preserve Is Tucked Into The Far West End Of The Santa Monica Range Within Point Mugu State Park. The 800-Foot-High Rolling Grassland Is Rimmed By An Arc Of Mountain Ridges, Including Mugu Peak, Laguna Peak, And La Jolla Peak, And Is Only Accessible To Foot Traffic.

This Hike Climbs Through The Rock-Walled Canyon Along La Jolla Creek, Passing La Jolla Canyon Falls En Route To The Broad Valley. The Trail Loops Around The Vast Meadow, Passing A Seasonal Tule And Cattail-Fringed Pond, A Walk-In Campground, Picnic Areas, And Coastal And Mountain Overlooks.

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