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But Kongur proved a difficult challenge, made hazardous by avalanches China places to stay and hidden crevasses, and near the top a storm forced his team to dig snow- China places to stay coffins’ in which they lay for three days and nights while the storm raged outside, before they reached the summit.

The shape of a mountain can be as individual as a person’s face, first seen as a distant two-dimensional image which looms up as it is approached, then vanishing and coming back into sight as one meanders through its buttressing ridges and forked valleys. Mountains have a multi-faceted nature that is gradually revealed by observation from different points.

Each point of view brings jie^ understanding. Longer communing with a mountain brings a special significance. Later when the mountain recedes into the distance, it will be recognisable even as an undistinguished peak in a horizon of mountains.

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